First Invasion Atziri kills have occurred!

At the time of writing, there have now been a total of 18 players get credit for kills of Invasion Atziri.
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WTB Atziri Kill, I have 20 ex for whomever wants to carry me.


5 or 6 people killed her, while 12 tagged along with good RNG.
IGN: Aux
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8/8 Overachiever
IGN: _UlteaR_
wow nothing said about selling kills
IGN: ReBlubber OR CatchMySwift
MY GOD!.... THAT is an achievement.
Congratulation to whoever was able to kill her either solo or by real team work
Schezza wrote:
wow nothing said about selling kills

First page


Pretty sad that the selling of kills is going on in Invasion as well. I hear Havoc is charging 20 ex...

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IGN: ThrobbinRobin
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