"This loot system is flawed and needs to change!!"

Maybe options makes it less fun for others. You saying "It doesn't. It shouldn't. It [insert whatever here]." or what have you means nothing as it changes nothing. It would make it less fun for me if they were added. I know that the same way you know playing a certain way will be more fun for you.

That's an incredibly obtuse viewpoint. Having nothing change about the way you enjoy something yet allowing others to enjoy the same thing in a different way takes away from your enjoyment? You like chocolate cake with ice cream and I like it with milk. Allowing me to have milk makes you enjoy your cake and ice cream less? That makes no sense.
Our desires for the game are opposite. That's just how it is.

Apparently. What I do know is that if things were opposite and loot was not FFA and people were asking for FFA loot I certainly wouldn't have the viewpoint that adding FFA loot as an option would take away from my enjoyment of the game.
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You are playing the wrong game.

If trying to make new friends is a serious risk, you are doing it wrong.

If it loses more players than it keeps, it will still keep players. That's all that's needed. From what GGG has done and said, their primary goal is to make a game they are willing to play. A game that they like. Money is secondary only to the point where they make enough to sustain themselves and the game. More is better but not the primary goal.

As the OP stated, if everyone who didn't like this loot system left, the ones who stay are the type to stay forever. We could sustain this game without the carebears. And I think GGG are fine with that. If their actions in regards to the loot system say anything.

You really think that's GGG's grand plan? To have a few forever players and no one else? If so, they need to have a serious conversation with their financial advisor.
The title of your thread is kind of funny considering you have the opposite opinion. Why did you even make this thread? The devs don't appear to want to make any big changes to the loot system so what are you afraid of?
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Although this was made before the moratorium on new loot system threads, it's now also from a different version of the game, and is thus outdated and redundant.

And I bet you know what I'm going to say next...

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