[ 2.0 ] Vaal Pact Dual Claw Build Level 92 ( Atziri Viable + BOTW S: 2 EP: 9 )

THE DEAD END KING ( Final Form )

'At the end of the Dead End Path, the Dead End King sits in his Dead End Throne, granting those who visit their own very DEAD.. END. '

My build is

A) low barrier to entry ( Just read the review section, don't take my word for it )
B) fun 'click fest' melee playing style with instant life leech.
C) Many Uniques work with this build
D) Build of the Week Season 2 Episode 9
E) Only small gem 'alteration' to deal with any map mods.
F) ' Normal Atziri' Viable ( with no passive tree change )

The beautiful thing about this build is you can start cheap and then slowly upgrade until you have gear like mine.


Thought i will start a new one up as i don't have the energy to redo alot of the vids, so basically its a very simple version of it and hopefully give people an idea how to start off.

New build forum linked


Introduction :

One thing I have noticed from levelling from level 80 to 90 is the lack of dual claw builds
( I met only 2 other low level 80s ). I actually do wonder why there are so few of us even though we look cool as hell as well as being pretty tanky yet fun to play.

Before your 'crit' this build please read the review section and watch some of the videos before telling me what 'my build' can't do. It is a High dps Melee build that can survive physical reflect and cheap as chips to start off :)

Character latest update
Build 'Deathless' (2.0 )

Took me like 10 mins to do the update for 2.0, I haven't really done any theorycraft but should
give people an idea of what to do.

The only real thing that has changed is the passive tree so generally speaking all
the theory crafting on this forum is relevant even if it is for 1.1.5.

Level 92 ( Final Level )


Build name : Deathless ( He who will not die )

Focus : on hp

Comment :.5.5k hp, 45k+ ( AOE )


17/01/2014 : I only managed to push pass the 6k hp recently and I have not updated
the rest of the guide.. Generally speaking the only difference is instead of 5.8k hp
it should read 6k hp .. I respecced out of mana flow for Retribution since I really did not need the extra mana with 'Righteous Decree' Node to decrease skill cost. I also had to
swap out my Vaal Skeleton gem for a lower level one which isn't really relevant since I just
use it as a meat shield. I also took an additional accuracy node to reach 55k dps+ AOE
with these new bad ass claws I bought today as well as helping me push pass 6k hp :)


I would recommend using that passive point for something else if you are not someone who
enjoy chasing stats like me, lol

Build Variation 1.3.0


Build name : The Butcher in the Shadows

Focus : DPS and attack speed ( super fun play style)

Comment : This build is based on my 1.2 version. Very fun to play since you are doing 9.5 aps with
81k+ dps ( AOE ) but due to only having 4.5k hp can easily get one shot. This 1.3 version of it has even more aps and a small boast to life compare to previous. Good build if you want to stop at level 90.


Build name : The Claw Master

Focus : Balance play

Comment : Someone asked for a half way build from the 'Butcher' and 'Deathless'. I actually really like 'Deathless' and it isn't as slow as I first thought it was going to be but if you want a faster
play style but with good survivability then I would recommend this.


About my build 1.3.0


Equipment 1.3.0


I am now using a herald of Ash. I have downgraded my whirling blade with just a culling strike as I feel those extra power charge doesn't do much for the build also we have
taken Claw of the Magpie which provide us enough Power charge hence i am not using the power charge on crit gem no more.

From my experience you don't need too much accuracy as long as you got 85 to 86% chance
to hit, it is enough.

I would recommend getting added physical damage on your gear.

Regarding to gear stats importance

Hp, elemental resist, phyiscal damage, faster attack, crit muti, crit chance

Even though the order might change a little depending on what type of variation
the two stats that always remain are HP and elemental resist.

17/01/2015 update

new claw !!

new belt !!

After doing AOE calculation I am doing over 50k dps AOE :)

Have not updated stats so you will have to take my word for it.

Stats ( 1.30)

Deathless Build 5.85k hp 45kdps (AOE)*


*Extra damage from Carcass Jack and passive Tree.

Butcher in the Shadows Build (prediction ) 4.5k hp 61kdps* (AOE)
*-20k due to crit nerf




Flask 1.30

Swap my resists and Mana pots for different map mods.


Atziri Promise compliment my build very well and this is what i use for most content these

Bandit choices ( 1.30)


My recommendation :

Normal : Oak
Cruel : Kraityn
Merciless : passive point

Gem Links (1.3.0)

6 linked dual strike =

4 linked whirling blade =

3 linked Auras =

4 linked cast on damage =

3 linked Vaal Gems =

4 linked Cast on damage Blind incinerator totem gems =

Overview/Strategy (1.3.0)

Map Mods


Physical Reflect

Swap out physical damage gem or ( if possible) critical damage gem for life leech gem. This
should be enough

50% Mana regen

You can either use a level 11 clarity ( swap out hatred) or swap resist pot with mana.

Elemental Weakness

Swap out a blue slot for Elemental resist aura gem.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Build


High Survivability : High instant life leech, and support from life/resistance flask means he is very hard to kill. Thanks to Carcass jack and quality melee splash I have an increase AOE of 35% which really helps keep things dying in a distance even though I am a melee character.

High Offensive : I crit 3 times every second with Hatred means majority of monsters have a hard time near me since I freeze/chill the crap out of them. Also it doesn't help them that I am doing 45k dps AOE and 8 attacks per second too.

Relatively Cheap : Because Claw builds aren't popular majority of items for claw users are relatively inexpensive. It is only expensive if you want to completely min max your build which isn't needed to get to level 90. ( You can probably level up to 90 with a 5 linked carcass jack )

Disadvantage : Life leech for whatever reason suck at PVP and playing style is very simple but I purposely created it so that I can potentially play with just one hand, lol

Food for thought

Bunch of stuff that would compliment my build.
Abyssus Variation

Please use common sense and not use this until you are level 80+. You only benefit
from this if you got loads of crit chance and its not great for levelling. I use it
purely for MF so because I can load myself with IIR, IIQ and yet do good damage. Luv using it for dominus runs :)

Health: 4.4k hp
Dps: 137k dps AOE ( No Power charge)
Max Resist
-49 Chaos Resist


PVP ( Replace splash with added fire damage )

I have a 'Commentary' video in my VIDEO Section ( Level 73 Map) that discuss more about using Abyssus. (1.1.5) . Just to add that I was wrong about levelling. It can be done but its not worth it.

Regards to Auras I just swap clarity for element resist

Hardcore League/ Atziri Viable ? (1.3.0 )


Yes but this build has the same disadvantage as many other melee builds in hardcore so you got to play carefully and make sure you have anti bleed, freeze, shock, burn flask on you at all times.

Generally most of the tips go for all melee builds for example make sure you over levelled before attempting an area. On the safe side at least 5 or 6 levels.

Be aware of the stats of the enemies like poison and bleed.

Don't be a hero, take your time and group when you can

I will also swap out crit damage gem for physical attack on full life ( you are barely going to get hit with so much evasion ). You can also use a life leech gem instead too for uber life leech


Yes my 'Deathless Build is Normal Atziri viable and if you are skill enough you should be able
to kill her without dying relatively easily but you will need a bit of practice.

My Character can take a good beating from her and to be honest the only reason why I'll need to
take another portal is pure carelessness.

Boss Guide

1st Boss : Vessel of the Vaal

Easy boss, didn't change alter any of my equipment or Flasks. Just watch out for the laser
beam and you should be fine

2nd Boss : Trio Boss

Changed my flasks to these.. Loads of anti bleed.

Kill the girl first, its easy enough just keep running around the area until you see her shoot
her projectile at you and then you go in for the kill, when you see her activate her rain attack
you move out and repeat process.

Once you take the girl out, then take the whirlwind boss and leave the fire boss last. Use the fire resist flask for the last one.

In the Video I have used all 5 anti bleed hp flask. It works but anti fire for the last one is better

Boss 3 : Queen Atziri

I used

Linked to hatred, purity of element and reduce mana

If you are quick what I usually do is swap out melee splash with fire damage gem near
the end of the healing phase to do more damage . you be be quick or be dead, lol

General tactic is every time you see her do the flameblast no matter how big or small you
move out of the way and then go back in with your claws.When she does any uber attack ( lightening blast thing ) don't attack and just avoid. Her other attacks are weak and won't hurt my build much.

No change to the passive tree is needed

I would use 3 hp anti bleed flask and 1 fire and 1 lightening flask.

Video :

Level 92 Vaal Pact Dual Claw 'Deathless' vs Queen Atziri ( No Death )


Level 92 Vaal Pact Dual Claw vs Apex Vessel of Vaal and Trio Boss ( No Death )


I like to thank 'Xroni001' who used a non-vaal pact version of my build to defeat her and provided
me with idea of using Atziri Steps.

His build and equipment is below.

Exile Name: xroni001

Build and passive tree below.


I made 92 level yesterday with this build, playing with this from around 2 months as my main character and still enjoying it :)

Today i wanted to try atztiri and made it with only one death by mistake from my side(didnt dodge vaal smash and he one shoted me ;p)also this was my first attempt on atztiri ever so i was pretty nervous but it gone quite well and easy. My life is 4,3k, dps 66k, caped resists, 28% chance to evade and 46% spell dodge thanks to atzitiri step boots.

This is my gear and skill tree:


Magic Find Gear

I didn't start Treasure hunting until level 85 and was able to farm Dominus merciless with
263% iir and iiq 103% with 4 Lightening Flasks very quick. Best tactic to do is use whirling blade right to Dominus and not purposely kill anything on the way.

Before I had my 6 link I use to exchange my melee splash for increase melee damage against Dominus but with 6 link you don't need to swap around any gems to beat Dominus without trouble.

I also have a level 20 IIR+ and IIQ+ gem too

In MF mode It was much more important in clearing areas quick and with high MF rather than not dying hence I only MF at the very start of each level and when I level up I will not.

I use a lightening, cold and elemental resist aura for MF.

UPDATE : I also use a Vaal Summon Skeleton for extra protection against bosses

UPDATE: For group play swap the 'Faster attack' gem for a Culling strike gem

MF for High End Content ( Map level 74+ )

This is a mixture of my standard progression set up and a few of my Mf gear combined
together for treasure hunting high level content

Magic find stats


Offensive/Defense stats



Cheap Alternative Gear ( Bargain version )


In theory all you need is a pair of 200 pdps claws ( 6 or 7 chaos each) and any crap
5 link ( 2gcp ) to reach end game content and do low level maps but if you want to progress and do higher level maps keep reading.

I have spent around 60 to 70 ex on my character but I feel there is little need to really min max the character since there isn't too much difference between a 250dps claw and a 300dps claw but one cost 1.5 ex whilst the other cost 18ex.

You can probably get away with only spending 5 to 10 ex for end game

After much testing with Bringer of Rain, Tabula Rasa, 5 linked Carcass Jack and Lightening Coil

easily the best one is Bringer of Rain. I am only slighly weaker with the Bringer of Rain than
my 6 linked Carcass Jack

Here is a price list of what you should be paying

Bringer of Rain ( preferred choice) 1 ex ( corrupted 15 chaos )


Tabula Rasa 2 ex


5 linked Carcass Jack / Lightening Coil* 3 ex

2x 250dps Claw 4 ex
2x good rings 2 ex
1x good amulet 1 ex

I would also recommend getting a couple of Quality 20 gems if you are finding it hard to acquire though the game for 1 ex a gem.

Due to being acrobatics evasion and life leech I feel that getting a 6 link is much
more important than Carcass Jack but in all fairness I did use a 5 linked Carcass Jack until I hit level 85 and it wasn't too bad.

I have also heard alot of good things regarding Lightening coil which can reduce damage up to 75% with full lightening resist. Also I've had feedback from moonlightthief that Abyssus compliment lightening coil really well :).

Armour Review by MoonLight Thief ( basically tried them all in game)
When I started using this build I bought a Tabula Rasa for 2 ex, it makes an insane difference once you have the gems. What I did was Dual Strike / Melee Splash / Added Fire / Faster Attacks / Multistrike / Melee Physical in Tabula. Insane amount of damage at low levels.

If you are just starting and can't afford a Tabula, I would use a 4link with Dual Strike / Melee Splash / Multistrike / Faster Attacks or feel free to try the combinations but I like my attacks fast.

Then at 60 I put on an Abyssus (can buy it for 10c) and got to 25K DPS, easily farm Docks and 66 maps till level 70 but you need to be aware of the +physical damage you get from Abyssus. Your choice if you want to play it safe.

Next step is to buy an armor. Could be anything basically. You do not need Carcass Jack and it is VERY hard to get the right colours on it for this build (3 red off + 2green /+blue on 6link). The only thing it does (which I admit is quite cool (literally) is it has a larger range of AOE for your Melee Splash (and with Hatred you can freeze a lot of monsters as Ninedeadeyes does).

If you want to go that way I have a 5Link 6slot RRRGB+B Carcass Jack for sale for 3exa, which is the cheapest 5Link in Ambush and it has the right colours for a 5Link version of the build.

Otherwise feel free to use any armor, preferably Evasion based. Or if you want some more DPS, do it like I did and go for Abyssus.

I also tried Bringer of Rain, but the DPS was lower than with Abyssus and Lightning Coil, so if you want more DPS, read on.

When you have enough to buy a 5link Lightning Coil (take out melee phyisical gem), stack up on Lightning Resist and get Vaal Pact and 20+ Life Leech, you will only die in the following cases:
- You get 1shot (I took more life nodes than the original build and have every item give me 70-90 life except for Abyssus)
- You get some DOT like chaos, fire, bleeding etc. and you can't negate it or don't have pots.
- Desynch

Otherwise I am easily doing level 74 maps by myself on Ambush, no boss or Rouge Exile has been a problem so far (not even full Physical damage ones). I Will keep you posted, I'm going for the crit nodes now and will try to get a 6Link Lightning Coil so I can put either Melee Physical back or a Power Charge on Crit.

Oh and I, too, switched Whirling Blades to Flicker Strike + Power Charge on Crit + Increased Crit Strikes.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions about the build on Ambush, PM me.

With Moon Light Thief feedback I feel a 6 linked lightening coil with Abyssus it will actually be a more powerful version of my build and I speculate ( Everything the else the same as my build) you probably be able to farm level 74 maps with MF Gear quite easily with it whilst at the moment my build can only realistically farm level 71 or if played very carefully level 72 maps with MF Gear ( 263% IIR 106% IIQ )

UPDATE : i've interviewed a player using lightening coil and Abyssus and even though he said it was ok, carcass is probably better because you had to invest in so much elemental resist.

If you want extra protection I will use Grace aura and maybe a elemental resist aura
too instead of Hatred and purity.

I do think it is achievable to get to level 90 with these cheap alternative gear it will be a slog.. Generally I would recommend to stop at Level 80 to 85

If your goal is to hit above level 85 + or even 90+ I would advise in investing in a 6 link carcass Jack ( 28 ex to 40 ex ) if you feel that you are having trouble.

Levelling Guide (1.3.0)

Instead of following this guide point by point I would rather people use it as a source of inspiration hence deviate away !!

I have levelled a new character to point 40 for this guide to make sure early progression was viable and yes it is definitely fine. From point 1 to 40 the sections are pretty big but one must have a strong foundation to build a castle :P

Point 1 to 20



I would advise in not dual wielding so early on and use Fire Trap and Reave with a shield.
This will give you good protection and good damage. ( Tried and tested and it is awesome )

From Act 1 normal quest I would pick up ' Reave, Fire Trap, Whirling blade, Clarity and Increase Critical damage

With Mana leech and Clarity running ( cap at level 2) you should not have any issue with Mana.

( I would start a new Shadow just to pick up Dual Strike from 1st quest so you have both Reave and Dual Strike ). I will then stick the Dual Strike in a weapon slot to level up.

Single Target : Double Strike
AOE: Fire Trap and Reave
Escape : Whirling Blade

TIP : Skeletons and Zombies also make good meat Shield but def something we are not going to invest in. For Chamber of Sin quest pick 'desecrate gem '

TIP : What I would advise is to level up the dual strike gem in your Alternative weapon slot. If you find other gems that might be useful later on I would advise to do the same with them.

TIP : I would also try to focus on Evasion Armour since we will be going for Acrobatic

TIP : Regarding resistance is to carry two of each ring so when you are facing areas of high elemental you change rings.

This is what I had at point 20 and generally I was pretty strong but definitely not as
strong when I spec into dual claw at point 22.

( messed up hence old links doesn't work but generally you don't need to buy anything at this point or have any good gear. Maybe find yourself a good shield for defence but for offence I had the worst claw ever and it still carried me though )

Point 20 to 40


Your next job is to get Acrobatic.

Once you get ' Melee splash gem' from Sharp and Cruel (normal) Quest you can now
spec into dual wielding. I spec into duel claws at level 21 ( point 24) and yeah its pretty awesome killing everything pretty quick.

Some unique items you should be looking out for are

Wurm's Belt

I've heard some of the low level unique claws are very good for levelling

Last Resort
Al Dhih
Mortem Morsu

Even though I would not advise to get all but 1 or 2 of these items are very good levelling
this Character

You should be able to buy all these for either 1 Alc or 1 Chaos each.

Go to http://poe.xyz.is/ to find needed item

Tip : Recommendation from 'IDEECEE': You might need to get additional Mana Leech . I recommend Wurm's Belt (level 8) or Slitherpinch ( level 28 ) My character ended up having both by point 40 to sustain my Mana.

Tip : You will need to start doing some low value orb crafting at this point ( trans, Alt, Aug, chroms, jews) whilst use higher value currency like Scouring, Chaos, Regal to buy low level uniques and gems.

Tip: Temporal Chain or Enfeeble curse tend to work well with the build

Tip : Try to get a 4 linked Melee Splash, Multi Strike, Increase Melee Damage and Dual Strike Even though I wasn't able too when I reached point 40, it is definitely your next goal if you play pass point 40.

Manage to buy this 4 linked Helmet ( look above) at level 35 ( point 41) Sometimes it is easier to buy your 4 linked with the right colours than to craft it because you have so little currency.

Character at point 40.

Overview : Have no trouble killing anything. Just remember to switch rings to max resist and to link your whirling blade with a faster attack (asap) for quick movement and escape. I managed to sustain my mana at 8% mana leech but to be honest 4 to 6% mana leech is enough if you are using mana flask.. I also had a level 5 clarity running too.


Anyway that's about it, I really can't be bothered levelling this character above level 34 ( point 40 ) because I was just doing it to make sure this levelling guide work and yes it works very well, so good luck and if you have any questions let me know :)

It was an enjoyable experience where I played the game as it should have been without skipping any areas or help from past characters items or group play.

Point 40 to 60


If you need more Mana go for Mana nodes right next to the Shadow starting position.

Items to look out for are

2 x Bloodseeker ( Not necessary but helps )


1 x Tabula Rasa or 5 linked Carcass Jack.

Generally a good pair of Rare Claws should be good enough. I shall also suggest
at this stage to take a look at my current build and collect gems that you might
need to level up.

You can also get 200 pdps claws for 6 chaos and a cheap 5 link for a 2gcp in standard league
if bloodseeker and Tabula Rasa is too expensive at this point.

I would also suggest maybe using a skeleton Totem instead of a blind totem until you get
a little stronger, Skeleton Totem makes good meat shield when progressing to end game.

Point 60 to 80

Point 80 to 100

At this point you might want to look at what 'variation of build' ( in latest update section 1.30 ) you want to go invest in.

You should be focus on getting Vaal pact and start to think about getting a pair of 250+dps claws.

If you got a bloodseeker you can try a non-vaal pact version and spend the 7 passive points
somewhere else.

You should also start looking for end game gear . Majority of gear should have at least 50 hp health and resist should be capped.

You can alter your passive tree too, to suit your mana/hp needs

Points 100+

Basically my build (Passive tree above)

The easiest way to level up to 91 is to just use the fee entry system rather using your own maps. I actually find it very frustrating keeping my map pool and prefer to MF 300 alts convert to 1 ex then convert to 30 chaos and then use the Chaos for fee entry to high level maps.


Quick Dominus run with 263% IIR 106% IIQ

Dominus Farm with 263% IIR 106% IIQ in less than 5 minutes but can be cut down to like 3 minutes on a good computer. Using gear and gems in the Magic Find Section. Enjoy


Level 71 Rare Map with 263% IIR 106% IIQ


Unique Drop
Exile Kill
Boss Kill

I have done some equipment crafting so my MF build is more similar to my main build.


Level 72 Rare Map with 18% Physical reflect and vulnerability (37kdps AOE and 4.5 hp )



You can swap out physical damage gem with life leech gem if you want to be extra safe.

Level 73 Map with Commentary Abyssus set up ( 36k dps AOE and 4.4k hp )

Level 75 Rare Map with Level progression Gear Pre 1.1.4( 32k dps AOE and 4.4k hp )


Show case my actual playstyle when I am not treasure hunting. This isn't a
stress test of my character but high light the style of play. Enjoy :)


Build of the Week Season 2 Episode 9 ( 26 IIQ 103 IIR, 22K dps 4k hp )

It is unfortunate that GGG used a 'back copy' of my build that was mixed
MF and progression but I am just humbled it got into 'Build of the week'


Rare Level 77 Map (Elemental reflect ) with Level progression Gear (37kdps AOE 4.5khp)

Level 92 Vaal Pact Dual Claw 'Deathless' vs Apex Vessel of Vaal and Trio Boss ( No Death ) 1.3.0

Level 92 Vaal Pact Dual Claw 'Deathless' vs Queen Atziri ( No Death ) 1.3.0

Special Thanks

Special thanks to those that have gave feedback to the build. The best thing to do is just to look though the forum pages because every time I try to implement there knowledge onto the main page, I mess up and end up deleting stuff..

Thank you guys for your knowledge/feedback and updates regarding your dual claw builds


Check out Kirielis guide for a more 'Non-Vaal Pact' focus guide on Dual Claw ( Link below)


If you have any questions relating to dual claw, I am always happy to answer them

Hello people :)

Please rate my build !!



Hideout : The Court of the Dead End King


Thanks !!

My shop ( Got a few nice level 20 gems for this build here)

Build Reviews


Level 49 Shortwired ( Hardcore League )
shortwired wrote:
Thanks for a great guide! I made it to 49 without any greater problems (Vaal with 25% lightning resist posed a bit of a problem), but at 49 in Crematorium my dear Shadow, ntdyrfugt bit the dust.

Gear at time of death:

Definitely gonna try this again, it was so much fun while it lasted! For those curious, here's how stuff went down. I'm gonna start keeping a bleed removal flask with me from now on.

Level 80/84 Kujar3

Kujar3 wrote:
Back with an update!
I've managed to get to level 80 without any trouble. I can run higher level maps, but yesterday I've been stress testing my current state at this map

Did not worked out so well :D but I managed to full clear it.
I am still having a great time playing this build and still only with bloodseekers at 16K dps + a little over 3K HP.
This is my slightly updated gear, I expect getting a vaal pact and better claws sometimes today/tommorow, if I can find something with a reasonable price.


I can't really change the amulet because + strenght and when I look up similiar stats, only crazy amulets pop up for ridiculous price so for now I am stuck with this.
Also I can't keep my mana full without mana potions so I have 2 mana pots always with me with 69% increased evasion during flask effect and it's really helping so I don't mind mana problems at the moment. :D With that I have 2x sapphire flash with "Dispel chilled and frozen" on it, because frozen is just well... Annoying and deadly and 1 life flask for rare situations, barely using it really.

Oh and here is my look! I simply love it.

PART 2 ( Level 84)

Kujar3 wrote:
My friend provided me his thought on the final build, what do you think? :)

Just wanted to let you know that I have finally upgraded from the second bloodseeker, as I said, it's hard to find something for a reasonable price so I ended up buying the second claw for 4ex and yolo exed the fire damage there. Also I reskined my Carcass Jack with Sacrificial Garb and damn it looks great!
Here are my final claws for now and unless I drop better one someday, I am probably not going to buy anything else

(and yes, I yolo exed the claw from this thread too)

Oh yeah, this is how my shadow looks now!

(still need to change those boots, I have a pair in stash that looks awesome with this -
I just have to get another skintransfer.

Level 84 now, ripped a few times because carless playstyle. Playing on standard after all :P maybe at level 90 I will start getting a bit more carfull. Running high level maps in parties is a breeze and most importantly, the build is still fun to me so yeah once again big + for this build.

Level 60 IDeeCee
IDeeCee wrote:
got to lvl 60, 8.3k dps with hatred, 6.3 unbuffed with 4l(melee phys, splash and multi) with 2x claws that have a bit over 200pdps (218 and 207 if i remember correctly) for new players some ~190 dps lvl 55 claws could be good. i paid 5c and 10c for mine and those below 200dps should be much cheaper, ~250dps ones are over ex, and there isnt many better higher lvl options on the market atm

unless you are running with some trash claws the single target 4l isnt needed, aoe does enough damage, easier to gear when you dont need 2x 4l for attack skills. for lvling i use 3l for cast on damage taken, enduring + enfeeble, maybe + immortal if you have maxed resists, and 3l for reduced mana + hatred + purity(that i dont use cause im too lazy to take it from another character)

this is how the build looks atm on my character

with this build lack of resists doesnt seem to be a problem, did crematorium on merc easily with 19% fire resist + enduring on damage taken, dont try to kill crematorium vaal boss with resists like that though :D

just focus on weapons and life/mana leech(some 2% mana leech in adition to that node is really nice), i havent changed most of my gear since normal difficulty :D

PS. dont try to attack bunch of phys reflect mobs when u have diamond shrine, i did pretty much 1hit myself through 29% life leech xD

level 68/79 Moon light thief ( lightening coil and Abyssus alteration )
At the moment I am level 68 with the build with small differences. I haven't taken Vaal pact and the life leech nodes yet, not sure if I have to later either. I wanted to try the build with Abyssus, so I did. I am also not using Power Charges yet, I don't have any crit nodes taken, only flat damage and +% Physical damage ones. When you look at my DPS note that I have only 1 claw that has good DPS, the other is really low for this level.

It works really great, I had 25K DPS at level 60 with Tabula Rasa and Abyssus, but of course I could only do Docks and other low danger areas without dying to the +44% physical damage the mobs do to me because of Abyssus.

Then I tried Abyssus + 5L Carcass Jack. Still had 12K DPS (lost a lot because of the fact that I could only find RRRGB CJ and could not link faster attacks in. I used Power Charge on Crit which was fine. I don't really care about the area effect on Carcass Jack and it's really hard to get the 3 Red slots on it, so I gave up on it pretty quick. Might go back to it later though.

Then I was wondering how I could negate the incoming extra physical damage and immediately bought a Lightning Coil, 5linked it and it works like a charm. I have around 16K DPS, mobs have a hard time doing damage to me with capped lightning resistance and all the eva / block / dodge nodes this build uses.

Can't wait to see what my damage is going to be when I take all the crit nodes and the life leech etc. I'll keep you posted. Thanks a lot for the guide, when I have my final version I'll link it, too.


When you have enough to buy a 5link Lightning Coil (take out melee phyisical gem), stack up on Lightning Resist and get Vaal Pact and 20+ Life Leech, you will only die in the following cases:
- You get 1shot (I took more life nodes than the original build and have every item give me 70-90 life except for Abyssus)
- You get some DOT like chaos, fire, bleeding etc. and you can't negate it or don't have pots.
- Desynch

Part two ( Level 79 )

ninedeadeyes wrote:

Dude that is insane if your build can easily do level 78 maps without too much issues. Not going to lie any thing above map level 73 I usually do it in a group.

Generally 6 links for 19ex is pretty cheap. I would recommend going MF for a bit or do a bit of trading.. It would be awesome to see a 6 linked lightening coil and Abyssus :)

It takes some time to generate Currency like that but you will get there :)

One of my claw costs 18 ex alone and my 6 linked carcass costs 28ex.. Its just a lot of
good trading and farming alts for ex ( and the odd good unique )

If you want to min max your build I would def save up enough ex for the 6 linked lightening coil but from what you told me, it seem like you def already strong enough to get to level 90 and maybe above :)

There might be some misunderstandings here. First off, I am in Ambush, so the price of stuff is totally different. Secondly, the highest level map I did was 76 so far in solo. Thirdly, I have not switched to IIR gear yet because of the fact that I already have a full MF character (455/69 templar with dual totems) so I wanted to make a full DPS build out of this shadow. Seems like I succeeded with the help of your guide! I'll put my present build in a Spoiler if anyone's interested.


Moonlightthief Level 79 Shadow on Ambush



I bought this as a normal 6link itemlevel 80 chest for 14 exa and so I started crafting it myself.
I needed life, +% armor + eva and fire resist mostly.
Would have really liked to get a very high +% armor and eva after life and fire... (that was what the Regal Orb gave me, but an insanely low % unfortunately).

So you can see I stopped using Lightnin Coil to mitigate the incoming +44% Physical Damage from Abyssus, I have a long way to go till level 90 will see if a normal chest will be enough.


My DPS Ranges from 31K to 38K solo, depending on what auras I use. I usually have Clarity on, and depending on the map and the group if I'm not soloing I use: Hatred, Grace or Purity of Elements.

Basic Offense Stats

Buffed Offense Stats


I still don't have any problem doing maps, I was on a 76 rare map with 8 mods with a friend, so I'd say the build can take almost anything with the full DPS style. I will report on the MF style too, when I am at 85+ and can get enough resistances with my MF gear.

I am loving the build, have a lot of fun playing and testint its limits. Also tried Dominus in solo, of course I did not have any problems with full DPS, tried MF gear too, but my resistances were so low with Andvarius Rings that I gave up and will only try again if I can get MF gear specifically for this toon (res, phys dmg, IIR would be nice, but hard to get).

I'll keep you guys posted. Any criticism is welcome!

Sgravion Level 81


omfg Truly power at 81 lvl:
reached 34,5k dps and 40+k dps with 3 power charges...
all gem 18/19 lvl and lol 0 quality.

i will add with next 9 nodes:
+24% physical dmg;
+21% attack speed;
+8 accuracy;
+125% global crit chance.

only 3,3k hp. i hope reach 3,5k by chaosing my 6L. allres capped except for chaos..

DTigerSKZ Level 43

This build seems to scale it's damage really well. Level 43 with some crappy claws that I found and doing 2.7k DPS(3.5k with Hatred)

Freakynorm level 89
I hit 89 last night. It really sucks that the high levels are such a fucking grindfest. So I'm going to try and farm dominus for a bit in between leveling up a ST shadow to eventually try and farm atziri with that character.

This build is definitely doable on a low budget. I'd say you can get up to 65 with average gear. If you want to easily get through to 80 you can spend 5ex and get some decent gear to make it doable.

Definitely a fun to play, easy to understand and cheap build to enjoy the game with.

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Why use Tabula Rasa?

Think you could do a leveling guide for every 20 points or so?
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6 link .. more links more damage more life leech less likely to die. Also the fact the build is acrobatic base, even though evasion is important it is not your main defence.
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Yeah sure .. not at moment but will do by the end of the tomorrow
I dropped off the map after two level 80+ dual claw characters because I don't like going past 85ish. Too annoying to grind. Also, as I mostly solo maps in SC when I'm in SC, and more of the time I play HC/races, it's no wonder you don't see me.

Build thread is in signature, it's non crit base. I feel that 33% crit is not really reliable. Normally if I can't reach 50~, I will scrap the idea and just add damage nodes instead.

Anyway enough about me.

Agree that the increased AoE is super important. Maybe for high aps build, the low crit rate averages out better. Wouldn't know, maybe test it another day.

Maybe post build for level 70? Rather than 90. Also post bandit rewards?

Recommend you to find high base crit claws actually. In my experience that's the best way to increase DPS further. Also, alternative to VP is Bloodseeker claw. 200~ dps only, but relatively cheap and more leech than VP.

I'd ask how you sustain mana, but I already know the answer. It gets really annoying with 7L in Rain, lol.

Think you should use url tags but I don't know what the problem with the image tags is. So I used the url tags again as a work around.
How to make a build: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/510084
Current guides: N/A
Thanks for the feedback, it is much appreciated.

I understand I only have 1 level 90 and 1 level 70 Character whilst the rest are below 50.

Generally grinding from 85 to 90 wasn't as painful as I first thought because there was always the fear of death at high level maps ( 77 to 78 ) as well as it gave me time to save up to buy my expensive gear.

the 33% crit isn't too bad. I only died once whilst leveling from 88 to 90 and it wasn't because of reflect but of a bad ass Exile on a level 78 map and unfortunately I got desynched as I was clicking at a portal, lol

I think because I am roughly criting 2 times per second (8 aps with multi strike) you really feel its effect rather criting every once in a while. I was originally non-crit but I found it hard getting my dps pass 20k hence why I went for a crit build. Also resolute technique was so far away I thought I might as well make use of the advantages of the shadow. Another advantage I found was if I do get damage a lot its always a nice health buff from the life leech on crit.

and your next few points.. Yeah I'm working on the build page. I like doing it in chunks because if you take too long, the forum page times out.. Should be completed by the end of this weekend :)

to be honest its not that easy to try find high Crit chance claws that does good damage but if I do see some like 250dps claws but with good multiplier and crit chance I'll def go for them :)

and thanks for the tip regarding url tags !!!
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Dual claws are nice.In the sstarting area though i don't quite understand your passive choise.You can take 10% one handed damage,4% movment speed and coordination and remove 10 dexterity+20 intelligence.All in all you gain 10% physical damage,4%movement speed,3% attacks speed,10 dexterity and you just lose 20 intelligence.
Another thing i d strongly advise is the use of power charges.It is free crit chance.YOu can even optimise it and get 2 more power charges for 2 points(the one in the shadow,and the bandit quest).If you have 20/20 flicker+20/20 power charge on crit+20/20 inreased critical strikes,you will gain power charges extremelly easily,and without sacrifising a gem slot on your chest.y 2 cents
I was using two auras hence needed an alot of mana but now that I am only using one I might just respec it .. Thanks for the input :)

Quick update : I need the intelligence for my Vaal Skeleton hence why I can't respec it to that. I can in theory get it from somewhere else but I don't really want to sacrifice strength stats for more dex and attack speed because I feel the build has more than enough.

I am quite happy with the general build without adding power charge . To get to level 90 you need a mix of survivability and offense.. I choice to use endurance charges and Immortal call because I felt it was weaker on its survivability rather turn it into power charge build
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Can u share your gems?
ninedeadeyes wrote:

I am quite happy with the general build without adding power charge . To get to level 90 you need a mix of survivability and offense.. I choice to use endurance charges and Immortal call because I felt it was weaker on its survivability rather turn it into power charge build

Yeah man,you dont have to take power charges from the tree at all,you just have to link power charge on crit on your flicker strike :P(free 150% crit chance).

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