Cut-throat, Event 2: 2 Hour Cut-throat

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Why Im not able to register into this event? Theres register now, but Ok button for making char isnt available :(
May as well provide some feedback. First off, grats on the kill Numbfrost!

I've asked for white item only races a great many times in past races, it seems there is no interest at all in it, but for these shorter events it would help a huge deal to make them more fair and rely on builds rather then GG items. Maybe I'm just qq'ing because I'm sick of my terrible rng, but I really thing it would be more interesting to a lot of players. Could even work in longer leagues, though could be troublesome for semi perm/perm leagues.

Also if you made cut throat events fixed, so everyone would know proper paths to take it might make it easier to find people when you invade them. Could make it easier to run away and not get stuck running into a corner, but people who run will run regardless, and I think that would be overall beneficial to cut throat (possibly). Maybe I'm just qq'ing because I had a lot of bad map rng (or made some bad pathing choices).

Also the log out to char selection felt instant, is it that way if your the only one in the instance? I never tried with another player around, so I'm not sure, but that could be a problem.
It was a bit of fun, and with tweaks it could be a lot of fun. But, I'm coming to the conclusion that this event needs a way to work around team oriented approaches, the current system of friendly fire isn't a deterrent when team related strategies can be devised which focus on single target attacks. I believe developments in this area as well as in pvp damage scaling should be the main focuses going forward.
Literally couldn't find a single person to fight after killing two people that were at the top, even while server hopping like mad. I guess no one played this, or the level restriction prevented me from finding anyone.
The few people that I could catch a glimpse of were too pro at staying in town the entire ttime.

Never got to use these pieces ;_;

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I know which Glacial Duelist will be griefed next CT. XD

Really Freezelock needs to be removed in CT. Freeze on Delayed skills fine.

It's just "who freezes first". You don't got disspell Freeze you are done for.

There is no NK protection either so go HC!

Didn't have the luck to roll antifreeze potions and even with 77 cold I got killed by Wolven due freezelock.

There invasion difference seems to be capped at +/-6 levels which is too high.
Did not meet expectations. Would not play again, as is.

I died five times, every single time to someone not ashamed to cheese the cold. To be fair, they cannot be blamed for playing the most effective build they could, but the "increased player damage" mechanic seems to exacerbate cold's already potent impact. Even with two near-max Sapphire rings (after finally reaching level 11), I got frozen again and again, with no means to retaliate. Merveil's attacks didn't affect my char the way these cutthroats' attacks did.

Not fun. I hope those mighty frost-wielders are proud of their prowess, but GGG needs to fix this issue, or these races will remain a one-dimensional novelty.

Hopefully, these test races will provide plenty of data to make these more balanced and fun. ='[.]'=
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I'm planning to try one of the next ones

But I said multiple times ... FREEZE type stats ailments needs nerfing in CT mode...

stonespeak wrote:

Something like, once chilled next chill is 50% effecting and the following is 25% and then immune to chill for 5s. Same for other effects and curses. Maybe something like this is already in the plans, I sure hope so and this will be rather fun.

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It was fun, and I'm looking forward to doing some more.

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