The Plan for Cut-Throat Mode

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All versions of the map pieces need to be able to spawn, in end game maps. De-incentivizing players from doing end game content, and instead running along the walls in random zones over and over again is really not a fun addition to the gameplay guys.

Before any specific game mechanic changes are mentioned I want to stress that although a good portion of future cut-throat players will want their characters to live ("So that they may hunt down their killers") there are also a very large number of future players which want to play hardcore to its fullest. It would not be difficult to have cut-throat be a button instead of a league, similar to the "Hardcore" button, having it underneath hardcore.

With that said I will give my two cents for some gameplay mechanics.

Hardcore Cut-Throat is a must. Setting aside the killing each other aspect, there is so much that having characters be permanently removed adds to the atmosphere. It keeps the perpetuity of the grind going in a way where it is not just about time spent playing, but about time spent surviving. You can actually surpass your comrades on the leaderboards simply by not dying while they do. This is irreplaceable. Now to touch on the cut-throat part of it - It just increases the difficulty of survival and will keep the league true to itself. The bigger they are the harder they fall. If one person is infamous for being high level and killing many people, it may spark the idea of his enemies to create characters and specialize them in a way specifically made to counter this person, and take down the juggernaut. So much is possible in a Hardcore Cut-Throat environment. It is a must.

Needless to say there should also be a Cut-Throat softcore mode. Not everyone wants to live in this special deep dark place of hell. And I think everyone understands that. :)

As mentioned, forming parties should not be allowed. This solves multiple problems with grief squads, adds a significantly more delicate element to the gameplay, and also truly resonates with the "Cut-Throat" ideology.

I agree level 80s should not be able to run into level 3 instances and kill them. I don't think anyone disagrees with this, however I do think the level disparity should be significant to be prevented. A couple levels is not that big of a deal and especially in a cruel cut-throat world it should be expected that everything will not be fair. I don't have the stats to put forth a specific number, but I'm sure someone could crunch the numbers and find the apex.

Player Health
I have seen quite a few players suggest taking less damage from other players to prevent instant kills or instant deaths. Although I do understand that PvP can happen extremely fast in PoE, I believe that making a "Resilience" type of stat similar to what other MMOs have done will only create a snowball effect that will require more maintenance. When you add extra damage resistance it favors some classes/abilities over others and anything that is balanced for the regular game will be imbalanced for Cut-Throat.

Temporary Invulnerability
To me the ultimate griefing is people exploiting game mechanics or actual PC mechanics. When you go through a portal or when you change zones, give a 5 second immunity to damage coupled with a inability to use attacks or abilities yourself, this will prevent people camping TPs or zones.

Max Level Zones
I believe in addition with the max level instances based on instance owner, there should be max level for particular zones, this should be slightly more strict than the restrictions on level difference for instances. This would allow games with multiple people in them to thrive due to the fact that slightly lower level players in the same game could quest in a lower level area while their friends or enemies may quest in a higher level area.

Example: If a higher level friend invites 3 friends to join his game but they are all a bit lower, this would make them susceptible to someone higher than their friend joining the game, traveling to the lower level zone, and killing them. His level would exceed the level difference restriction of the lower level friends, but not exceed the level restriction of the instance creator, causing this problem.

I'll keep trying to come up with some ideas and I have read a lot of others' ideas which are great. I know a large clique that is waiting to play PoE for the hardcore cut-throat mode and if done correctly could snowball the popularity.

Thanks for reading this GGG.

Very respectfully,

Christopher G
Nobody gonna read this ... I didn't read all the pages myself... :P

But unless they add a diminishing returns for status ailments/ stuns/ curses ... this league will be real boring real fast!


Something like, once chilled next chill is 50% effecting and the following is 25% and then immune to chill for 5s. Same for other effects and curses. Maybe something like this is already in the plans, I sure hope so and this will be rather fun.

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How are you going to prevent Alt+F4 n00bs?
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Do ladder still work on experience gained from mobs? You realize that it is kinda stupid?
Omga4000 wrote:
How are you going to prevent Alt+F4 n00bs?
says 0 lifetime standart player?
alt art shop view-thread/1195695
jstq wrote:
Do ladder still work on experience gained from mobs? You realize that it is kinda stupid?
Omga4000 wrote:
How are you going to prevent Alt+F4 n00bs?
says 0 lifetime standart player?

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I cant wait to try this! Very cool.
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maybe there are some special cut throat item descriptions as well? not like ears, but that your weapons get a list, maybe in regards to yoru character like:


Backstabed 7 souls


-Killer of-

maybe not a brilliant idea - but i am just pumped for PERMANENT cut throat

just imagine a area with rogue exiles and player exiles all trying to loot you!

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