[1-2.0] CoC Sci/Sha/Ran/Due with Block - Song of Ice and Fire. Cheap. Fun. Nerfed

You need life, resists and crit on gear. Adding MF to this list is very expensive. With pure MF gear you will die a lot.

Of course, you can farm, and farm very fast, but you won't have high IIR/IIQ. MF is nerfed to the ground in new leagues anyway, so fast farm may be a good farm :)
Is there a possibility to play this kind of build also as maskulin charakter(shadow, duelist, marouder,templer? i dont wont to plays again a woman :D
Of course. Shadow. Duelist. Shadow may be even better than Scion after shadow start was buffed and scion start nerfed.
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SunnyRay wrote:
Of course. Shadow. Duelist. Shadow may be even better than Scion after shadow start was buffed and scion start nerfed.

Now im confused. Do you recommend me to play Shadow? What in you opinion is better?
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which gems i can use besides fireball and artic breath?
Do you made the shadow build by your own or is there are full build around it?
If i take this shadow build does the rest stay similar to this build here (items to use, gems ...)
Klassenliste, Raikudou, I took my scion skill tree and made a similar one for shadow. Almost all passives are the same, just a different starting point. Shadow version gets +34% spell damage, but -24% max mana and -20% mana regen compared to scion. I don't know what is better. Gems and items are the same.

Also, scion can take elemental and spell damage nodes in shadow area, while shadow can take duelist's mana flows notable if mana is a problem. This is essentially the same build.

Bash, you can use anything, but fireball+arctic proved to be the best. Really nice synergy, same projectile speed for good elemental equilibrium, and both are AoE for concentrated effect.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, don't use any items with flat "adds x-y" fire or cold damage, it breaks elemental equilibrium.
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Im LvL 60 atm and doing 0 dmg...
i like this build , it 's very cool and cheap,but i thikn about life regen, i think 80hp/s very low in map, 6L with life leech very good for subtain.
Try and decide for yourself. I used LL sometimes, but prefer 67% more damage and flasks. You are not supposed to take continuous damage, and spike damage can be healed with flasks. Also, 30% more mana cost.

Not sure if LL would work after its change. This build makes lots of small hits, and only LL from one will be active at any particular moment.

Tested it, LL still works. Viable option, then, ty.

0 dmg at lvl 60... something is wrong then. Underleveled gems? Don't know what to say without more detail.
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