[1-2.0] CoC Sci/Sha/Ran/Due with Block - Song of Ice and Fire. Cheap. Fun. Nerfed

LoH only works for ST hits, not for spells. It will not be enough later when spells proc more often and both you and monsters deal more manage. Also, LoH multiplies mana cost by 1.5, while Concentrated Effect doesn't support ST. I'm not saying LoH is useless though, good idea.

Corrupted blood - vary dangerous, right, you quickly get 20 stacks with this build. Have to watch out this mod and always carry Surgeon's Flask of Staunching. Manual spell also helps, I use EK without supports for some reflect/thorns situations, should help against corrupted blood too.

The most dangerous rogue exile is Ash Lessard (lolvid here).
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SunnyRay wrote:
To prove it doesn't require expensive gear I uploaded a video where I clear Shrine map using 1-3 chaos items. I used only 5 sockets in Tabula to represent that you can use the cheapest 5L.

I died once fighting Piety, what proves that you are not supposed to facetank lightning balls standing in lightning storm with this build and gear worth 10 chaos total. Also, I forgot Purity of Lightning. It's a ranged evasion crit build with 4k life (230%), max block and "immunity" to projectile attacks. It is not meant to facetank everything. Is it squishy? Depends on what you compare it with.

you've convinced me, im going to try this build. Looks totally badass with that ice/Fire effects. Allways when i saw people with that build i was like "wooaaow, i want that too *_*". Lets see how it works.

Edit: Ok i can't start it yet because i dont have enaugh gems.

But i still got some questions. Why ST only LvL 4 and can i use Dagger+Shield for early leveling?
Oh and why do you use low LvL 20 Daggers?
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Dual Ungil's add 40% to block making it easy to get 75%. It provides better defense than dagger + shield would. I deal damage with spells, not ST, so I don't care about weapon and ST dps. Level 4 ST has mana cost equal to level 1.

Using a dagger with high attack speed, local crit and spell damage is always a good option for CoC, but it's a different build.

You may use anything you like for early leveling.
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If i dont have a 6l Chest like urs. What chest's should i use? In generall Armor/ES/Evasion?
When you take Ondar's Guile and Acrobatics keystones, pure evasion. Until then any GGGBB 5L will do. Eva/ES is the easiest to color.
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Will it be a good build to start a first charater to farm? (with irr/iqq)
Will it be a good build to start a first charater to farm? (with irr/iqq)

No. It's fast-clear DPS build, good for split Piety runs with culler, but not MF itself.
what means "split Piety runs with culler"?
"Split run" is a farm method for a party with 1 IIR/IIQ culler and 5 runners. Each runnner creates his own instance of Lunaris-3 (or Scepter of God), gets to a boss and opens a portal. Then the party kills 5 bosses in a row, culler makes the last hit. Then runners use culler's portal near Lunaris-3 stairs and the cycle starts again.
and this is the only way to farm with this build?

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