This game is too good to be free

profshiggs wrote:
I never thought I would hear myself say this, but, I sort of wish there was a one-time fee associated with creating an account.

It would certainly make our job easier, heh.

But no, GGG aims higher than that. And...I really admire that.
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I was right about PoE2 needing to be a separate, new game. It was really obvious.
I gave them a 100 bucks and this is from a guy who never buys collecters edition or anything like that. There is only one other game I have spent so much money on and that was to help crowd source Chris Roberts Star Citizen. Hopefully that's turns out as good as PoE.
Haha. If I thought a signup fee would keep out the riff-raff I might support it a little more, but unfortunately such things tend not to work in my experience.

Still, I'm glad GGG made their game as accessible as they possibly could and I wish them the best.
peachii wrote:
Any and all purchases would be greatly appreciated by GGG.

Lord knows they are having to purchase additional servers daily.

Thanks in advance and enjoy your time in Wraeclast.

i dont see Mod in your name...
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He might be on the devteam.

Even if he's not, are we really going to fault someone for encouraging us to support them?
You guys did notice the words alpha under his name did you not...that means he was talking with the owner of the company a year before you even heard of the name path of exile... (shop)
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