This game is too good to be free

I will have Gold status in a few weeks (payment plan ftw) and $250 will the most I've ever spent on any game and I don't regret 1c os it. Easily one of the best games I've ever played, definitely best ARPG.

Will probably end up spending more eventually too.
bidoof01 wrote:
I wouldn't mind spending $39.99 on this game. I'm pretty frustrated atm with so many disconnects. The money from retail sales would surely help with server support.

I feel you, man. I was slamming my head on the keyboard earlier.

But either way, I gave them money. The server issues will be worked out. But if you really wouldn't mind spending $40 on the game, just do it. I spent more than that and didn't use half the points I got for it. I'll do it again sometime and not even care if I use the points or not. But I'm sure, eventually, I'll use all the points :)
Little Grey Men are Coming Our Way
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So the game is too good to be free?

This statement may be true but what is also true is that the number of Diamond and Gold supporters who have paid extreme amounts of money that is ALMOST UNHEARD of in any other game out there today has probably and most likely paid for whoever is playing the game for free to equal an amount of probably almost $40 per person now...

And just think about it when everyone spreads the word of mouth to all their buddies and their buddies and their buddies friends ... and everyone starts throwing money at GGG because they see a group of developers that has put their everything into a game just so we all could have so much fun, then everyone starts giving because they gave just a little more than your average big money hungry corporation these days...

Long live GGG!
I never thought I would hear myself say this, but, I sort of wish there was a one-time fee associated with creating an account.
if i had things my way, this would be a 20-50$ game purchase like TL2- an offline, online game.

But i know thats just a pipe dream. Still, I'm glad its the way it is, there is much more of a community with it being an online only game.
It's wonderful GGG are offering such a polished ARPG for free, but they should have forced everyone to pay a tiny monthly fee like 1$/€ (or your account will be deleted). They simply need a steady amount of revenue to cover their costs (paying developers, server-related things).

They need something to rely on. If people aren't in the mood for donating (or simply cant for whatever reason) during a month, things are already looking bad. Only for a certain time can costs be covered by reserved assets.
I'm happy with the $10 I spent. If they had gone with a pay to play model I would not have purchased the game though and no way I'd pay a monthly fee, even a tiny one.
$1000 ($750 payment plan) because I believe we as gamers need to stand up and show our support for good developers and good games made.

Its been a long time since I've put faith in any development studio but when Chris announced the changes to cosmetic effects in response to community feedback, that's when I made the choice.

If we don't support the last vestiges of what gaming was and is supposed to be, then all we'll have in the future is heavily monetized cash cow scenario games. I for one do not want that and $1000 is a small sum (even if its all my allowance for the next good few months) for such a cause.
Making the transition from free to play to retail can actually be quite expensive. Indeed, it might bankrupt the company if they don't suitably recoup their losses.

I could possibly see it on Steam or a similar service, but then one has to deal with DRM and security problems. Steam's issues are one of a few reasons I've taken a break from Torchlight 2.

I get the feeling PoE was made more for the love of its genre than monetary gain anyway, but that is just my own opinion and I do not claim to speak for the developers.

Also, speaking as a person who makes minimum wage and is simply broke sometimes, I wouldn't be able to continue playing if the game went on a subscription model. I might be able to afford it at a normal retail price, but I'd feel bad for our overseas community who would likely be unable to find it imported in their countries, or else have to pay ridiculous shipping fees to have it sent over.
The game is great, once they sorted out the issues with the servers and still correcting some bugs. I would be happy to spend 49.99 on this instead of Diablo III. D3 was a waste of time and money, wasnt like Diablo Series at all.

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