This game is too good to be free

I wouldn't mind spending $39.99 on this game. I'm pretty frustrated atm with so many disconnects. The money from retail sales would surely help with server support.
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I spend roughly $100 here in Australia on a new game off the shelf.

Stuff from Steam, maybe 10-20 bucks, depending.

PoE? Because they said, basically, 'pay what you think this is worth'...well, in this day and age, if you make something brilliant, that sort of attitude can really pay off. ;)
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Any and all purchases would be greatly appreciated by GGG.

Lord knows they are having to purchase additional servers daily.

Thanks in advance and enjoy your time in Wraeclast.
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bidoof01 wrote:
I wouldn't mind spending $39.99 on this game. I'm pretty frustrated atm with so many disconnects. The money from retail sales would surely help with server support.
going retail actually cost loads of money, they are saving money by not needing a publisher, retailer contracts, disc/box development costs ectectect.

IF you think the game is worth $40 then spend $40 on the cash shop, the money goes to the same place, yet in the way it is now GGG actually gets your money.
In my opinion mtx based f2p is much more profitable in a long run. Also I don't believe they would have made so much money with retail as they have now with the CB supporter packs and mtx so far. Unless you meant that there would be a retail + mtx, then I don't know. That would seem kinda stupid to have both (looking at you D3).
This game is too good to be free I agree. I supported them in closed after playing for like 20 minutes. Then I upgraded...then I upgraded again. I had a bit of an emergency otherwise I would have upgraded again prior to OB.

The bottom line is in this day and age faith is something that is lost on the big corporate machine game companies. They churn out hollow soulless trash retreads of the same thing they've sold 100 times already. They release games with day 1 paid DLC. Blizzard, EA, etc, will never ever get another dime of my money.

The faith I talked about in game companies was lost...then I played this. Then I read the boards. Then I heard what, and how the devs were speaking about their own project. They had something called passion which was long gone from those giant companies. They might not have the money the giants have but you could tell playing through the 2 acts in closed beta they were making a game they wanted to play. Because these were old school arpg gamers that meant they were making the game I wanted to play. Then open beta hit and I watched how they actually took care of their customers like making effects reclaimable and stash tabs to prior buyers.

Faith and belief in a developer is something I haven't had in a long time. Thank you GGG for restoring what I had missed since about a decade ago and I thought would never return.

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bidoof01 wrote:
I wouldn't mind spending $39.99 on this game.

Nothing is stopping you, there's a big 'Shop' button in the top-right corner ;)

Originally I spent $10 to get my place in the CB.

Then I upgraded to Silver, spending $100 more.

Just before the close of CB, I decided on Diamond (paying the balance on 15 Feb). $1,

THAT'S how good I think this game is.

so, I agree in a way, it is too good to be free, however, here is the super important thing now, in bolded, underlined separated paragraph:

It's up to us, the community now, to support GGG in an ongoing revenue stream.

So I'd urge anyone enjoying the game, with some spare gaming-dollars left in their wallets to consider further assisting GGG in turning a great ARPG into a for-real, written about years later, paradigm changing entry into the ARPG genre within PC gaming.

The best thing about the way GGG is doing it, is you all get to set your own level of support, which is a risky but laudable move on their part I think.
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I applaud those of you who dropped the coin to be diamond supporters. I do want to know if any of you are adopting or otherwise looking to spend money elsewhere, 'cuz for $1000 I am pretty sure there's a lot I could do! :-P

I paid to get into the CB with less than 24 hours to go to OB because it looked fantastic (and I was right about that) and I needed a game to keep me up all night so I could flip my schedule to my new night shift. I made the decision to pay more than the minimum because I liked the idea of the forum title, but sadly my budget didn't allow for me to get anywhere *near* diamond status.
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Closed beta phase made them I can only assume about 1-2 Million USD. The issues have nothing to do with lack of funds, they have to do with change release phase from closed to open beta. Servers are now fixed, desync is pretty much the only remaining flaw for many people which in closed beta was a low priority.

Many people pay what they think its worth. Many of us showed our faith in the potential of the game and in the state of the game as is.

Micro transactions for this game will get GGG into being a healthy dev team, this won't be a perfect game, but they will do well. In the future I hope to see more amazing games as well as an amazing Path of Exile.

Servers will clear up in time, its been hardly a week in open beta.
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