Official SotV Trailer and Early News Coverage

oh... a saw a brutal shrine this is going to be great
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does Vaal Portal Gem teleports you to GGG office?
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Looks great. What are the new areas level?
14 vaal gems we are told, confirmed vaal versions, feel free to add if i missed one:

1) Detonate Dead
2) Molten Shell
3) Fireball
4) Ice Nova
5) Spark
6) Arc
7) Cyclone

Ones you may not have noticed:

8) Lightning Warp - seemed to have no delay and low soul requirements / high storage (5 was listed)
9) Fire Arrow

rather nice lineup, also nice of them to give 9/14 of them in the preview.

if that lightning warp is here it stay, i see lotta warp builds in the future, those that are willing to brave any "accidents" that may occur anyway.
Theory craft, its why I have used all 24 character slots and the strangest builds you'll ever see.

Mechanic's Post:
Completed 24 ChallengesRaghin wrote:

1) Detonate Dead
2) Molten Shell
3) Fireball
4) Ice Nova
5) Spark
6) Arc
7) Cyclone

Rain of Arrows and Immortal Call
looks crazy.

I hope the vaal orb will drop enough that everyone can have fun using them and the risk is the item, not that you just wasted a piece of extremely valuable currency. Thats the only bit where im crossing my fingers, theres no way the rest of it wont be fun no matter what the unknown details.
Mind Blown...
That trailer was awesome, Atziri's in-game model looks great! :D
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So, I watched these videos.

RNG. More RNG. Yet additional RNG. Some more RNG. RNG. More RNG. RNG, RNG, RNG...

Guess I'll be back in 4 months. Luckily South park is out in few days and then DS2.
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