Official SotV Trailer and Early News Coverage

I hope you post it before I go to bed. Really excited for this!
Watched all the videos already, so awesome!
Really waiting to play around at Ambush league, and try all those rips at Invasion lol
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Yay, sooo cool!
Chris do i understand it right that using a vaal orb on a legacy kaoms might divine it to 500 life ?
Aww yiss! Can't wait.
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I like how often characters die in the trailer. Good representation of what'll happen to a new player. :P
yay can't wait!

About the edit: I sould learn to read.
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at last ! :)

edit: I have the feeling the trailer tells us "You will die ... a lot" :)
It seems the Atziri's dungeon will be very hard. I don't know if i will be able to do it.
Anyway, it looks very interesting. Can't wait to try everything.
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Dat spark though.

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