[1.1.x] Dominating Blow skill - passive tree, need feedback

Looking at your skill tree, you could even get 2 more nods by eliminating the resists in the marauder area and get the 12 and 15(+12 life)% melee in the duelist area instead. Of couse you need to get those resists somewhere else but if you can, those 27% will help your dps a lot.

Also I don t know why taking unwavering stance, it s pretty rare at high level to get stunned out of pvp, and it could give you another nod to put in dps or life.

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True, however, taking those 3 nodes out of resists means loosing 66% resist overall (30% fire + 12% of all res), which is quite a lot. Plus you really should have chaos res from somewhere.

With Meginord which has only low cold res, and Facebreakers which have no resists at all, I don't see how you can manage without res nodes.

About Unwavering - I guess it depends on how much damage you will take with Abyssus on.

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I tested the +% increased melee phys damage nodes.

DB + Increased Phys Dmg + Hatred

DPS measured before and after taking +15% increased melee phys dmg node.

Before: 4842 (single hit: 580-1131 cold, 1870-3640 phys)
After: 5079 (single hit: 608-1186 cold, 1962-3826 phys)

Final DPS increase: ~4.9% (((5079/4842)-1)*100%)

Conclusion: these nodes are mostly worthless for DB build.
Simply a waste. Taking a 10-12% melee phys dmg will produce even less significant results.
I'd rather invest these into minion life for more damage from when they blow up due to Minion Instability.
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Trees broken, please fixxx
Time to resurrect this:

108pt build for 1.1.3

Positive changes:
- with reworked Marauder tree, going to Duelist is now a waste of nodes, since Marauder already gets everything we ever need: life, armour, shield, attack damage, attack speed, resists, you name it!
- new Marauder start is designed much better for build flexibility: you can drop some nodes to get others. For example, you can drop some armour to get more attack speed or damage, or get resistances instead.
- now we have A LOT more armour, more than double from previous tree version. Combined with something like Lightning Coil and Lioneye's Remorse shield, physical damage shouldn't even be noticeable. Including Molten Shell into a levelled CWDT will give a huge armour boost as well.
- alternatively, with Crest of Perandus we can have 69% chance to block!
- pathing is more efficient overall, more useful nodes are now connecting different parts of the tree (like +2% block, or armour/es nodes in Templar tree) instead of just +10 to stat nodes
Negative changes:
- loss of Unwavering: unfortunate, but it isn't really needed for this build, as most of the time we have an army
- loss of one End charge - not that big of a deal, still have 4 (5 with Oak)

Possible variations:

- drop Berserking speed cluster, get 3*4% speed nodes in Marauder tree, this frees up 2 skill points
- dropping armour nodes in Marauder tree frees up 4 points - if you have Lightning Coil, overstacking armour won't be effective anyway


How to combat elemental damage: Saffell's Frame on weapon swap: raises resistance cap and gives around 40-45% chance to block spells. And its dirt cheap.

As always, any corrections or general feedback is welcome!
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