[1.1.x] Dominating Blow skill - passive tree, need feedback

Thanks for the input about your build.

Readjusted the tree to use with FB + Shield:
DB Facebreaker

6% less block chance, but 50% more armour, plus 6 endurance charges with quest - after trying CWDT + EC + IC + Increased Duration, I now use it on any char I can, since it stops a ton of physical damage coming your way.

Btw, why do you use Molten Shell? It only adds 800 armour, which is not much. It doesn't block any damage by itself. IC on the other hand blocks it completely for several seconds.
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Completed 2 ChallengesAraycan wrote:

Btw, why do you use Molten Shell? It only adds 800 armour, which is not much. It doesn't block any damage by itself. IC on the other hand blocks it completely for several seconds.

with his passives molten adds ~1700 armor by itself and if he is using granites it adds 2500 while it is in effect, it's not shabby at all, it's like he has 1.5chest piece instead of 1.
Will try Molten then as well.

Does anyone have any other suggestions/corrections?
Going to spec my 60-something char into this using full respec, don't want to end up buying regrets afterwards)
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I've built a Staff wielding Templar that makes use of sweep and dominating blow. It worked well for me except I kept running out of Mana.
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Are you going with Abyssus or BOR? if you are going with Abyssus you should leave around five to ten passive points free to distribute in whatever areas you feel need help. It takes a lot of armor to not get one-shot By some of the heavy-hitters, and if you don't have a good chest you might have some difficulty.

Before I crafted my chest, I was running around with a Tabula Rasa, and for a shield I relied on block much more than armor (around 64% with the crest). I also had Haste occupying one of my aura slots because I didn't have leather and steel for the movement boost.

Oh, and if you aren't using IIR and IIQ gems, you will probably have a much easier time DPS-wise.
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I might use BoR when I get it, but currently I don't have any of these helmets.

Abyssus seems too suicidal for me, after trying to facetank Colonnade boss on other character, even with 23k armour and 4k life I still got myself killed, since he had a +30% damage map mod or something...

About a staff - not a fan of these either, you need to invest a ton of points to get a 50% block chance, and without it you loose a huge portion of defense.
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Yeah, colonnade boss can even one-hit me. But that's the neat thing about Dominating Blow: you never really have to face the boss. I can take on the boss with very little risk of death, just by sending wave after wave of dominated dudes to kill him for me. He won't go after me when I'm not attacking or doing anything to draw aggro, so as long as I have at least 5 minions left, I can safely watch from a distance.
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level 95 fb using db.

I do 33k+ damages with db using bloodmagic keynod and a 6l +abyssus and meginord.

I convert anything in group or solo in 1-5 hits even in 78 maps.

I would advice you to go bloodmagic and avoid mana. Take endurance charges and a good 2k armor shield+resist and life.

The only problem with this skill is reflect in maps with vulnerability.

Also since you go bloodmagic the life regen make the skill totally costless.

Also Molten linked with increased duration and blind is nice, when the shield pop, it can blind half the mosnters around it.

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Well, BM certainly solves the skill cost problem, but that also means loosing 40% of your and minion's damage from Hatred when playing solo. Frees up lots of nodes though.

I'll take the char to 70s and see if mana would be manageable, if not then BM it is.

Good to know that such high damage is possible with FB)
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After playing some more I concluded that even with mana nodes and reduction, linked DB still costs too much, as a result you always run out of mana and can miss dominating some valuable rares for example. However, going pure Bloodmagic and loosing either auras, or a good portion of your life doesn't sound great either.

So, the easiest solution was, as gilrad pointed out, a Blood Magic Gem.
This frees lots of points, and I optimised the path near the Templar tree, so here is the 3rd revision of the skilltree:
FB DB Marauder rev. 3

- removed most mana nodes
- 8% more block chance
- more minion nodes - now they have +60% damage, +20% attack/cast speed, +10% life and minion instability, for using them as suicide bomers against bosses

Also, another version which completely bypasses the Templar side of the tree, optimised for getting more life:
FB DB Marauder rev. 3 v.2

Any comment on these versions?
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