Favorite game of all time

Surprisingly, I don't recall ever making this thread.

So here it is.

My favorite game of all time is Dark Souls (Yes, I've played DeS but like DS better). I've spammed it around here enough so I don't think I need to explain.

What about you guys?
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my favorite game of all time?

damn... this is a hard one....
im going to go ahead and say realm does not count.

i must say the mothership zeta dlc for fallout 3 was amazing...
and i love survival games like fallout new vegas....

course i love mmo rpgs as well, realm Poe ETC.

on top i guess mine is metal gear solid 3: snake eater

the best stealth game i have EVER played. the bosses were fun, ESPECIALLY fighting the fury.

yup, fire_kid remember that old mgs siggy i had?

ga-ko and kerotan?

man those were good times in the WS ;)
Might be cliche around here...but Diablo 2
No way is D2 Cliche - It is a VERY valid choice.

On the D2 topic. The http://europebattle.net/d2/ server is restarting the Ladder on Valentines Day so perhaps you wanna revive some of that nostalgia.
Taking a Break and Playing D2 again
My favorite game of all time is Mafia, the party/chatroom game. In terms of online I perfer epicmafia.com; I can't stand the crappy SC2 version.
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1. Planescape: Torment
2. Freespace 2
3. TES III: Morrowind
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Too many good games around.
But here my childhood favorite:

Quake III Arena
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
Fallout New Vegas
Half Life
Limbo of The Lost
Barbie doll adventures
Hello kitty MMO.
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