Favorite game of all time

I loved to play RuneScape but now the Game is just crap...
I think there is no best game of all time. You have to make categories for the games.
But i can say the best story-based game of all time is "The Last of Us".
Guildwars 1
meh, this may not apply, but metal gear solid 3 has always been my favorite game.

a bit too short, but i passed it on all difficulties, even European extreme.

my hardest life achievement.
Warcraft 3

I really like the game because of the world editor and all the custom community made content.
I think as long as there are people playing the game there will be new maps and mods that keep the game fresh.
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I liked TES Morrowind a ton when it came out, like 760 journal pages worth.
I like F.E.A.R a lot when it came out, just had to finish that game.
Back further, Max Payne especially with mods.
D2 with my own offline modded gear-- still have a couple characters around.
And really liked Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines, the dialog and atmosphere was so good.
Titan Quest IT I thought was great at the time for the ARPG genre. Build at least half the builds, but my fav was a dual wielding death fighter, melee and necro magic.

Asphael wrote:
Stalker?! The game was pretty buggy and half of the features they promised at first didn't make it in the game. Also the graphics were really awesome when the game was announced but by the time it got released.. Meh.

I'd say... hm.. probably Zelda - Ocarina of Time. I don't think there's a game that has made me happier.

PC games only.. hm, probably Baldur's Gate 2.

Buggy? Yes it was, still a great game and it was not as buggy as some people claim. Besides it is all good now. Maybe you should try it again? The missing features were a bit disappointing to say the least but it still had its qualities, the map design, story and the coolest setting ever.
Imo the best thing about stalker was its unique atmosphere, as in those early trailers and in the finished game.

Graphics wise i assume you never played the under-ground levels? the graphics in those levels where stunning at that time as was the lightning effects. Biggest problem with the game where probably the developers themselves or the rushed release date(yes, it was delayed several times over the cource of two-three years). Given some more time from thq it could have been so much better... :(
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1: Solitaire
2: MineSweeper
3: Albion

The Settlers 2, Gothic 1-3, Borderlands 1&2, Civilization IV Beyond the Sword, Morrowind, X3 Terran Conflict, Titan Quest Immortal Throne, Supreme Commander Forged Alliance, Path of Exile, War Thunder, ...

...Jagged Alliance 2, Fallout 1&2
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Only one other Chrono Trigger?

Man, you guys make me feel old.
-Halo CE
-Fallout 3

Halo on pc was probably the first fps I played. The multiplayer was a lot of fun.
Fallout.. you begin the game exiting a womb! Do I need to say more?

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