1.1.0 Unique Item 3D Art

No ezomyte helm?
Nice :)
(Maybe a detail, but I'd like to see different 2D art for various flask tiers)
Why is Saffel's Frame left out again!? It's much older than half this list of items. If you keep making 3D art for new uniques rather than the old ones, then you'll never finish the old ones. Much disappoint.
IGN: @GreenDude
Yay! This is exciting, can't wait to see how Abyssus looks! Too bad Lightning Coil didn't get some love, but maybe eventually.

More importantly is some PvP teasing! Some very cool stuff.
Like how you guys are always updating the art work, nice one GGG
Apparently some items take much more time to get 3d art than others ;@
Awesome News!
From Hunter and Gatherer,
to Role-Playing Games
gonna be lookin like a gipsy with my shavronne for another year i guess. :(
alt art queens decree? oh BAAABY. time to pimp out my 2H

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