1.1.0 Unique Item 3D Art

Regular Unique Items:
  • Kaom's Heart
  • Deerstalker
  • Voidbringer
  • The Blood Dance
  • Deidbell
  • Kaom's Primacy
  • Limbsplit
  • Abyssus
  • Crown of Eyes
  • Fairgraves Tricorne
  • Dyadus
  • Goddess Scorned
  • Brightbeak
  • Daresso's Defiance
  • Tabula Rasa
  • Queen's Decree
  • Quecholli
  • Oro's Sacrifice
  • Wideswing

Alternate Art (Race/PvP reward) Unique Items:
  • Ungil's Gauche
  • Mindspiral
  • Fairgraves Tricorne
  • Tabula Rasa
  • Queen's Decree
  • Void Battery

Note that this list is provisional and may be larger or smaller by the time the patch is deployed, depending on how things go.
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wow first post! now to read the announcement...

Good job GGG. I can only imagine how time consuming a complete overhaul of artwork can be. Excited to see what they look like.
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I would like to see all the items get an art revamp like helmets did
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sweeet just bought kaom's i'm excited to take off the skin transfer ;)
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Alternate art for Race/PVP Rewards.

Next update PvP Update? or am I missing something
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Aw, none that I use. Tell me when infernal mantle, cybils paw or saefells frame all get made to look less ugly. Saefells especially, the current model clips through tempest shield even.
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Woow :o
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Oh damn! ._.
so fuk shavrone?
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