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Zeno's MF Righteous Fire 1.0.6

The forum post died when i tried to edit it at one point, some of the items linked were borrowed and thus were not mine, so remember that the gear can be updated to your liking. I will list the gear links under the equipment section

As a preface to this guide i'd like to state that this is NOT a end game mapping guide, but rather a pure magic find build made for killing Piety/Dom/Low level maps with extreme ease and high IIQ/IIR.

If you have any questions, PM me on the forums, add me in game (IGN: StayInspired), post in this thread or check out my stream at Through this build is more or less discontinued, i still know a lot about it and can answer any questions you might have.

1) Easy to gear
2) Lots of free resists let you easily find upgrades
3) High MF while still doing enough damage to warrant grouping up
4) Most map mods are total jokes
5) Loot

1) Boring to play
2) Requires certain gems to be leveled to begin working
3) Damage doesn't scale with party members auras
4) Discipline aura will cause you to take more damage
5) Some map mods are impossible

Q: Why don't you snapshot with dual Redbeaks?
A: My offhand weapon is used for culling (EK+Blood Magic+IIQ+IIR) and also gives me an extra 38% rarity(58 because i don't have the -20 from Aurumvorax when i swap). I still kill piety really quickly unless i have terrible RNG with her teleports and portal choices.

If you don't mind carrying around the 2 redbeaks, go ahead and use them to snapshot, then put them in your bag and equip Reapers quickly before your health drops to 1.

Q: Is this build expensive?
A: In general no. All you need is the shield and level 17+ Purity of Fire. After that just stack a bunch of MF. My build is quite expensive. Between every item, chromes, gems, ect i've spent around 20+ exalts on this build. But you don't need the same items that i have to farm piety/dom with ease.

Q:Elemental Equilibrium? Doesn't that lower your damage?
A:Because RF never "hits", it simple degens, it never procs EE. Because of this i can use CWDT Ice Nova and self cast Freezing Pulse (or Arc) to give myself a sweet damage increase at the cost of one gem slot.

Q: Why lightning warp and not leap slam?
A: The weapon i use isn't as fast as i'd like but leap slam could very easily work, i also find i desync less with Lightning warp. It was also really easy to chrome the colors i needed on the shield. Honestly i'd like to use leapslam for a lot of reasons too, so it's all preference.

Q: Why frenzy and not Cyclone?
A: Since this is a MF build mostly designed for Piety and Dom you don't really need any actual damage besides RF, the frenzy charges give me a ton of free regen and let me face tank fairly well. Totem's are an issue but since i don't do Dom/Maps unless i'm in a group, they are never a problem. Swapping for some MF boots is a fantastic option if you have the regen to sustain RF without frenzy charges.

Q: What are your resists/Armor
A: 88/49/77 with 8.1k Armor. With a better necklace i could easily cap cold resistance. Swapping out any single piece of gear could easily cap my resists. Level 20 Purity brings fire resists to 89, i HIGHLY recommend buying a level 20 POF if you can spare the currency, 1% makes a really big difference.

Q: Why Ele weakness and not Flammability or Vulnerability?
A: 20% Quality ele weakness is much stronger than flammability(Flamability is 49% reduced resist at 20, ele weakness is 49 at 20, and 59 at 20/20). Ele weakness also provides a good boost in damage for almost ANY build in the game.

Vuln increases DOT damage by 40% Vuln COULD be better but i simply can't tell the difference. I have a 20Q ele weakness, so i use that. Use what feels best/whatever you have leveled the highest.

Q: How much do you make a day off Piety/Dom
A: I tend to only do Dom when i have someone to run for me (It's a bit tricky in the MF gear) so i make more when i have runners. Off piety i can easily farm 3-5 exalts worth of items a day (Mostly alterations+Chaos from recipe). This is not counting any items i find that could be worth money. A pure day of dom could net me 5+ exalts worth of currency quite easily.

Used for the massive resists obviously.
IIR+IIQ+Life. Whats not to love?
Required for the build to work.
IIR+IIQ and some resists to help keep me alive. Would love to get one with more IIR/IIQ and life.
Increased AOE is AWESOME. I love this item. IIQ and IIR gems linked to RF now work properly, so after your 4 link, those are obvious choices.

Lots of juicy IIR. 80 each.
IIR and all res. Perfect for the build.
IIQ and all attributes to let you run grace at a higher level without more dex in the tree.
Love these boots. Use the blood dance when first starting out to help sustain and when you level up more and have good regen use IIQ boots for more loot!

Free rarity and culling strike for my EK lets me last hit easily get more loot that killing with Aurumvorax.


Chest: RF>Increased AOE>Concentrated Effect>Increased Burning damage(IIR/IIQ)
Weapon: Ele weakness> Bloodmagic>Preference
Shield: Lightning Warp>Reduced Duration>Bloodmagic
Helmet: Reduced Mana>Vitality>Purity of Fire>Grace
Gloves: CWDT>Enduring Cry>Immortal Call>Ice Nova
Boots: Frenzy setup or Cyclone with LGOH
Reapers Pursuit: EK>IIR>IIQ>BM


I use at least 1 dispel burning flask so i can douse before i cull (So i don't die on weapon swap). Remove curses is basically a must on at least 1 flask as well. The other 3 flasks are all preference. I liked using multiple Quicksilver flasks and killing almost everything on my way to Piety/Dom for more loot.

A leveling passive tree would be tricky because I leveled using facebreakers, and used the 15 or so free respec points you get from quests to fix my tree up at 65. Level using Facebreakers, Spectral Throw or generic 2h heavy strike. It heavily depends on preference and personl taste, i used FB because i had a good pair laying around

Level 80 Passive tree.

After level 80, almost every node is traveling or more HP/Fire damage. At this point you can more or less tailor the tree to your needs. As long as you have the regen nodes you need, you can travel in any direction you need. I ended up using a lot of regrets to get the tree to a place i liked and was most comfortable with. Want more life? Get it. More fire damage more you style? Do that instead. It all comes down to preference when you are able to sustain RFs damage.

This is what i envision my finished tree to look like

I can solo maps up to 72(Haven't tried higher) in full MF gear. I usually only map when in a group because it's easier and more loot drops. Mapping can be tedious with full MF gear as you will only have 3500-4000 HP and 500 or so ES. In general I advise against solo mapping and instead go into maps with a group because the loot is better and you won't need to tank everything solo.

No regen maps are impossible. (Except as a culler only)

Half regen maps are doable as long as you douse between packs and keep frenzy charges up with blood dance boots.

Ele weakness is 100% doable. I usually took off 1 Andvarius and replaces with a resist ring with MF one it and ran purity of elements if my resists still weren't capped enough.

Almost any other mod is jokes. Just drop some IIR/IIQ gear and grab more health if you feel like you need it and cull the boss for a ton of loot.

Want loot? Get lots of regen, level 17 Purity of fire and Vitality. 4 link a piece of gear and put RF links in it. Really quite simple and quite effective.
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good new point of view for my RF marauder
Why you don't use Goldwyrm Boots for 30% Quantity? And you should try to get enough resistance to get away from that Aurumvorax. Its a good weapon to start, but im glad, that i can drop it now for more IIR. And is it not better to snapshot RF with the Redbeaks for more Killspeed? Or maybe with one Redbeak and one Wheel of the Stormsail?
Im playing in Domination, so i miss a Quantity Gem, but i have 411% IIR and 52 IIQ while Culling with Cyclone and Divination Distillate. Dominus is a dropmonster. Im waiting for the end of Domination to get around 40 IIQ more from the Gem.

He uses carcass jack for RF radius (and a slight boost in damage) so he isn't using a resist chest. He uses perandus so that he can use a higher level grace gem and because the IIQ is priceless. He uses blood dance to trivialize piety, but could probably swap for goldwyrms. He doesn't use redbeaks because he does enough damage without them and instead uses a weapon swap for culling - which is the same reason it makes no difference that he uses aurumvorax. If it aurum has no drawback, there's no reason to invest gobs of currency into a 'better' gearset that does less damage and has less IIR/Q.
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Mankrik147 wrote:
He uses carcass jack for RF radius (and a slight boost in damage) so he isn't using a resist chest. He uses perandus so that he can use a higher level grace gem and because the IIQ is priceless. He uses blood dance to trivialize piety, but could probably swap for goldwyrms. He doesn't use redbeaks because he does enough damage without them and instead uses a weapon swap for culling - which is the same reason it makes no difference that he uses aurumvorax. If it aurum has no drawback, there's no reason to invest gobs of currency into a 'better' gearset that does less damage and has less IIR/Q.

Basically this.

With the exception of the rings and the carcas jack (which only needs 4 link) this build is SUPER cheap and very effective.

I can easily run maps with IIQ boots but not everyone could (And it gets easier with better gems/levels) so the guide was focused on entry level/affordable farming
I ahve a question: why elemental equilibrium keystone passive? Doesn't that lower your dmg, cause you deal only fire dmg?

Also, why cant you simply link culling with your RF gem?
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Because neither of those things works that way. Righteous fire is a degen aura (or damage over time), which never triggers an actual 'hit' on mobs. For this reason, righteous fire never triggers EE - because it's only when you directly deal damage e.g. with fireball - and culling strike will also never proc because you never directly deal damage. So any triggered frost or lightning damage will leave the mobs with -50 fire resist and his build has no way to deal direct fire damage. He uses CWDT for this, but personally I use my last slot (boots, in his setup) to get some sort of aoe EE trigger that I can control. I've tried cyclone+added cold+bm+life gain on hit and it's worked fine, as did a cold snap+ele prolif setup. I can do that because I'm using goldwyrms instead of blood dance so I don't need frenzy charges. On domination it only really makes sense to use the wyrms, since you'd otherwise be running 12% IIQ max.

More importantly, he doesn't use the axe because it has culling strike - he uses it because it has a big chunk of bonus item rarity. Were it possible to cull with RF, he would still be missing out on 60% IIR because his aurum is -20. The fact that he doesn't have to link IIR/IIQ gems with his righteous fire is an added bonus, because the leap from a 4link to a 6link is enormous. Additionally, the support gems used to not function with righteous fire at all, so they provided no bonus even when they were linked. GGG has said they intend to fix this, and it's possible they already have.

Edit: @Zeno, do you have any vods of your piety or dom runs? I feel like I'm doing less dps than you were when I used to watch you run. I'm sure I'm lower level than you were (75ish), but I also have a lot more health on my gear than you did. Instead of the aura nodes, I picked up the templar aoe radius notable and swapped carcass jack for a high hp chest or belly of the beast. My ammy has 60hp since I only need rarity (domination) and I have the holy fire/burning damage nodes which should be a massive damage boost over the build you have linked. I assume you had the nodes too and the guide is just out of date since they changed burning damage to affect only enemy damage. I'm thinking maybe I'm just remembering your damage wrong and we're actually fairly similar.

The reason I ask is that unless I snapshot with redbeaks, the damage is way too low. Piety takes so long that she usually has time to port around several times and my runs are ~6.5m. The snapshotting process itself is irritating, and so is having to waste the inventory slots. But without it, for some reason my damage is just not good enough.

Your build has 24% more max life, mine has 80% increased burning damage. The only difference I can think of is that the increased effect of auras might be a damage boost to righteous fire? But everybody seems to say no.
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Ok, I got the part with Culling. I also understand the reasoning behind EE now. I obviously just didn't understand how RF works. Thanks for the reply, Mankrik!

But what seems to me the problem now is securing the last hit in a party. Sure, he has EK, but that's not a fast attack, and besides, I've just started this build at lvl65, and things already melt too fast to use EK to cull, and that's when I'm playing solo. I can't even imagine how hard it would be with a full party, with everyone's DPS combined. So, how to bypass this problem? What's the point of all the MF if you're not the one last hitting?

One last thing: so you can use IIR gem with RF now?

EDIT: can someone explain the Redbeaks snapshotting step by step? Ty.
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This build is very bad at culling for groups. It's designed to run things solo or to cull dominus/piety when in a group. EK is very slow so you'd want to use something that has more hits/sec if your group isn't going to stop dpsing dominus to let you cull (spectral throw or incinerate are probably best). But the build's primary use is to kill everything around it just by walking through things while you sprint to piety as quickly as you can, then kill her and swap to cull with the gems. This is a magic find farming build, rather than a magic find culling build. Cullers typically have difficulty clearing things solo because their damage is mediocre, but in parties they get most last hits. Examples are the aforementioned aura+incin totem build or a power siphon+chain+gmp wander. Farmers prioritize clear speed (or movement speed while skipping past things) and stack as much iir as they can, typically with a weapon swap so that they can cheaply use iir/q gems. Examples besides this build are double strike+2h spec throw ranger or burning miscreation summoner.

Given that summoner builds include the IIR gem in their spectre setups (and the spectres use righteous fire), I'm almost certain that the gem works with IIR degen. I'm just unsure about IIQ.

To snapshot, you equip both redbeaks and activate your auras, then use righteous fire. Because you lack the max resist of rise of the phoenix, your health will drop fairly rapidly. Once you reach 1 health your RF will turn off automatically, which is when you must act. Between that point and reaching 35% hp, pop a ruby flask and activate RF again. Your RF has now been cast with lowlife damage bonus, and it will retain this bonus for as long as it remains active. Now swap back to your aurum+rise and your health should go up because of the ruby flask - and 1 or 2 more uses should get you topped off. If you need to swap the redbeaks for another weapon (reaper's pursuit, for example) it's best to do it right after you activate RF while that first ruby is still running. This can be awkward and require a few tries, so I'd suggest doing it in a safe place a couple times until it makes sense. Just portal/wp back to town if you screw it up so that you don't run out of flask charges before you've even started killing things. But note that, since it doesn't work the same way as auras, you'll have to re-snapshot every time you change zones including coming back from town. So you'll always have the redbeaks either equipped or in your inventory, and if your bags fill up on your way to piety you'll have to repeat the process when you zone back in. It's very tedious.
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