Lost microtransactions and Closed Beta supporters who bought stash tabs

If you have lost microtransaction effects due to deleting a character or have destroyed effects by overwriting them on an item, please contact our support team (support@grindinggear.com). We will replace the effects and put the new ones in your microtransaction stash. This process may take up to a week. Please do not attempt to claim you have lost effects that were not lost or ones you didn't have. We will check this and do not want our time wasted.

We will also be issuing a patch that prevents microtransaction effects being lost in these ways. This patch is likely to be deployed within a few days.

As a one time customer service gesture, any Closed Beta players who purchased more than five stash tabs before 1pm PST January 23 can contact our support team to receive a free stash tab per group of five that they purchased (prior to that cut-off date). This will bring them in line with the special that we are running where groups of six stash tabs are the cost of five. We are offering these bonus tabs because our Closed Beta supporters generously supported us while the game was much smaller.

In the future we will run specials and discounts from time to time and won't be able to provide any discounts or refunds for players who purchased those items before the discount. For example, if the Fiery Visage effect is $12 today and we discount it to $9 for a weekend to drive sales, we will not be able to compensate people who bought it at the initial price. I'm very sorry about this, but as I'm sure you know, shops around the world run specials every day without the expectation of refunding the difference to past customers.

We're trying very hard to make sure that players are happy with the microtransaction shop. Just the day before launch we changed the behaviour of the effects so that they can be moved between items forever, rather than being consumed when they are used. We're hoping that the policy changes discussed in this post helps solve any concerns players had with how we've been running the shop since launch.

I'll be posting a news post later today about how launch went for us. It has been a lot of fun letting so many people into the game! Thanks very much for your continued support!
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I'm looking forward to your post about the launch! Keep up the marvelous work, GGG!
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Most other companies run a "you deleted it so you lost it" policy so you should maybe be happy GGG have done this.
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Thank you for being you... GGG Rocks
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Thank you, Chris. You guys are seriously the coolest dev team I've ever had the pleasure of throwing my money at. <3
I lost out on a stash tab? Oh well, that's honestly not a big deal, at least to me :P

But seriously, props for doing this.
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Thanks for the quick response and the free page, Chris.
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Awesome move here GGG. Very costumer friendly. Keep up the good work!
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Only a small hic'up, glad to see you're acting promptly! <3

I'd just like to remind everyone that the reason this will take a while is because our support staff are swamped.

We have moved several developers temporarily over to support in order to handle the extra load and are getting anyone we can to help but, but it's going to take a little while to flush the queue and hire more.
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