What's coming in 1.0.5?

NIce =). Brother Laz i remember the Master on D2 Modding "Median XL" =))

He was Very good make new unquie names and cool items... Muste been alot of work to make that mod..
I am veteran i have follow Poe sense November 2010.
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mucker wrote:
Damn I was really hoping the next support in the series would be Embiggen.

the noblest heart embiggens.... haha
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mucker wrote:
Damn I was really hoping the next support in the series would be Embiggen.

the noblest heart embiggens.... haha

"...very useful for high level players."
Hmmm tread lightly.

New gem either increased xp or lesser attribute requirements. I'm thinking the latter.
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Will there ever be a CoC EK nerf or Righteous fire nerf? Because it one hit ko everything in PvP
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does pvp still comming or not?!?!?

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Dreggon wrote:
Enlighten is probably increased experience gain (what else could it be?) buuuuuut cutthroat cutthroat cutthroat bring on the cutthroat

I was guessing it would reduce attribute/level requirements for linked active skill gems.
rokuthecat wrote:
Righteous fire nerf? Because it one hit ko everything in PvP

Then get a +1 Curse Unique and use Ele Weakness and Flammability on him. Get good.
trashs1 wrote:
does pvp still comming or not?!?!?

Chris wrote:
I'm with Aux on this one. Where is the PvP information? :c

Finishing up the PvP tournament stuff is a very high priority once enough of the team is back together. I'll update as soon as I can!
Taromanius wrote:
Balance tweaks to Flame Totem? Buffs or nerfs? I need to know! D:

Random Hearthstone tip of the day: place your Flametongue Totem in the middle of your weakest creatures so when you attack with them (and inevitably lose them) the gap they leave will immediately collapse and the next creature in line will now be adjacent to the totem and gain the buff, even in the middle of your turn, so you can then attack with the buff again. Repeat as desired.

To encourage this, place it all the way to the right if you expect to be totem stomping on your next turns.

ADarkSpirit wrote:
In fact at one point, Xypherous (of League of Legends fame) and I began planning out a mod of Median that we called "Median Mean Mode" (a bad math joke).

Don't hate on my math jokes. x( I never make bad puns. *plzplzplz don't look at MXL item names*

Disrupted wrote:
Famous creator of median (and its different forms), one of the best mods for diablo 2.
AFAIK he only did 2 uniques of this game, ashrend and chober chaber.
Besides him I think the only other famous person that did a unique (again AFAIK) is notch with Infractem

Belly of the Beast (sort of)
Cloak of Flame(s! Aargh!)
Foxshade (sort of)
Thousand Ribbons (disowned. Mine had 3 stats on it :p)
Wheel of the Stormsail
Storm Cloud (FWIW seeing as it's the exact same concept as Flambeau and Blitzen from D1HF)
Al Dhih
Nycta's Lantern (oldddd)
Chober Chaber (I don't do build enablers anymore xD)
By the way, Stone of Lazhwar is actually a GGG item despite the name.

Thing is, all of the crazy Johnny items require extra work on the part of GGG, so it may take a while before we see them. The straightforward items get out first. Patience plz. :)

So that one item that randomly curses yourself and then gives you enhanced damage when cursed will have to wait a bit. Or the one that gives endurance stacks when failing to block and then consumes them when you block.
Median XL 2012 | Diablo 2 mod
Adun Tori Laz.
Uvne wrote:
The problem isn't freeze mine, it's elemental proliferation. If you band-aid fix this, it will make it harder for legitimate uses of the skill to work, and proliferated freezes will still be objectively better because they scale irrespective of the monster's health.

I'm a specialized trapper at level 89, and a level 20/cold pen freeze mine only freezes most bosses for around a second when the boss is alone. These are bosses in 70-74 maps, so the effectiveness for the highest level content would be a lot worse. The abuse is being able to bounce max duration freezes off trash mobs with Elemental Proliferation.

The problem isn't with Ele Prolif, the problem is the skill being so effective for people who are not specced into traps.
Freeze Mine should just require speccing into traps to be effective.

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