70k DPS | McPillar 1.0.4 - Righteous Fire Build [with VIDEO]

Epsilon's idea seems really good. Except I would cast RF as a 4L in an armour piece with conc effect, and use the other red beak to level some random gems for another char. Then you can switch back to a wand, or Aurumvorax if your resists are poor.

I am going to try this build when I get home. Apart from the shield the bundle should cost about 10 - 15 chaos I guess? None of the items you posted are worth more than 2 chaos, with the exception of the Belly, which I think is way overpriced at the moment.

Unless I'm missing something I don't think a terrible roll Belly is worth 10 chaos. It's barely worth half that imo.

And if you don't want to waste money on a levelling set, just level in groups until you can utilise your build. Ledge farm -> Fellshrine farm -> Docks farm. Repeat as necessary until merciless then Docks farm until your eyes bleed and you wanna try Piety runs or Cata runs. I agree group levelling is quite a bit slower unless everyone knows what they're doing. But if you're joining a Piety run party you should really hope everyone does by that point :D
I've been getting into a few Piety Farm parties that kill her well before the Lunaris 2 Instance resets...that's really the speed you want to clear at.

...I've just passed 6k Life and have started to do maps, hopefully will be able to upgrade some gear to get more life...and of course STR for the life.

If I have a 6 linked searing touch, would that be a better option (in my case) than 2 redbeaks? Idk what I would put in the linked sockets tho
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Ripheuxa // Lvl 90 KB Wander

I guess the links you'd want with RF are:

Increased AoE
Increased Burning Damage
Concentrated Effect
Culling Strike

I'm really struggling to find any point in a 6-link for RF, you just don't need it. There aren't really any other support gems that help RF, most of them require 'on-hit' event, which RF cannot do.

Stick to a 4-link and save your money.

P.S. Just had another look and I cannot find any other support gem that benefits RF other than those four. Even the culling strike is pretty useless considering the potency of the Redbeaks.

Verdict: Stick to a 4-link

is there a reason why you have % increased fire damage on your gear? afaik this dont change the damage on RF. just look at forum discussions and you will see that this dont aply to RF.

Thats what the WIKI says :)

Passives: The burning effect that damages both the player and enemies is not affected by x% increased Spell Damage. As of Patch 1.0.2 x% increased Burning Damage and x% increased Fire Damage no longer increases the self-inflicted damage, but does increase damage to monsters.
Playing with OP quiet regulary, i have to say that i'm more than happy to not use 2 red beaks ^^

I'm too lazy to buff by going low life and swap stuff on the process. I tried some different setups and the dual red beak gives me slightly more damage but not enough to bother using it instead of my 5L searing touch with RF+conc effect + AOE + 20% fire pen + inc burning (6th would be culling strike)

I also do pvp once in a while and red beak is not an option there as you won't have time to buff before opponent rush you, and it implies to use a flask charge.

I don't have as much AOE but i prefer being super tanky as i'm trying to level safely right now. Both options work well tho :)

My gear if anyone is interested :

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You can remove the fire pen and chrome to get a green socket for culling strike. Fire pen only works on hit, so you might as well go for the extra damage from culling, which is more than the extra damage from quality fire pen.
bendot wrote:
You can remove the fire pen and chrome to get a green socket for culling strike. Fire pen only works on hit, so you might as well go for the extra damage from culling, which is more than the extra damage from quality fire pen.

already discussed :)

the Quality 20 Fire Pen gives u 10% more Burning DMG which works.
Yes and Culling Strike apparently now doesn't work at all. Only just found the info.

Before the patch, the 22% increased damage would out-perform the 10% from quality fire pen.

But it seems that recently culling damage bonus stopped working with RF, but IIQ now works with DoT's. So there is your extra link :-)
im level 77 atm and i can do maps like 74+ without any problems...

all resists at the max and chaos +20%.
Fire resist already at 90% with purity of fire lvl 17. On lvl 20 it will be 91%.

HP = 5749
Armor = 6.1k (lvl 18 grace)

Here my gear:

immortal call helps me out not dying to hard physical dmg. cyclone is used to trigger EE with the cold dmg from the dagger.

i spent less then 1ex on the gear (i found belly and carcass by myself). im aiming for a kaoms, but its tooooo expensive.

ps. i just changed the chest to try out what you did for perma freeze, but i cant make it work so far... i guess i have to practice it a lil bit. netherless the enemies die before i can do something... i guess i will only use it against hard bosses.
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