70k DPS | McPillar 1.0.4 - Righteous Fire Build [with VIDEO]


Hey Righteous Fire fans. I finaly made my tests on Culling Strike.

I tested it on Hillok and recorded the whole thing.
I imported the Videos in After Effects and checked everything FRAME PER FRAME.
I can confirm that Culling strike DONT work in the current patch 1.0.4.

Here ar the results:

If GGG recognize this pls confirm so that we can be 100% sure :)

greetings Pewdd ;)

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Good, my quest for a 6L searing touch is now over !
As long as game content access is gated behing RNG, there will be wars.
Conta/Drain 2.1 Guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1518793/page/1
VoltaSpark 2.1 Guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1556456
So, this is my current build

So what do I do with my skill points now? - I am level 81 and have 6 saved up.
Should I
a) take the 4 remaining health nodes
b) take Holy fire
c) Go for Blast Radius in witch tree
d) something else

I have no unique chest armor, so my radius is quite small as it is, and thus I am not sure adding Blast Radius will really add anything useful

I need some input on what will make the biggest difference
I'd say get Holy Fire and 2 of the 8% life nodes...then the other 2 and path of the warrior for the next 3 lvls.

...and Get 20% Inc AoE if you don't already have it.

PS. OP needs to record some PvP footage....it's pretty hilarious.
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Hi, big thanks for your work! Going to try this build, but be so kind add the lvling guide step by step like:
20 skill points
40 skill points
and so on)

And tell pls on which level is possible switch to RF?
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No point really in making the 20/40/60 point thing because all you get in the build is Life and Life regen with some Burning and AoE eventually...

And you can use RF once you are lvl 65 and have a lvl 17+ Purity of Fire and Vitality.
Ya, hes totaly right, just make sure u got all the life regen nodes and a bunch of %hp nodes on the way to 65 so that u are ready to run RF.

But i can do a leveling guide sometime.. but not now, have to get to work :)
I'd say get Holy Fire and 2 of the 8% life nodes...then the other 2 and path of the warrior for the next 3 lvls.

...and Get 20% Inc AoE if you don't already have it.

So you want me to stay away from the inc aoe in the tree, but get it from gear instead?
RF PSA...Flammability beats Vulnerability pretty soundly.
I'm a bit confused here. Please clear some things up for me.

Casting RF while on lowlife with redbeaks / carcass to get bonuses i get, but when you switch carcass back for belly of beast / aumvorax / phenox shield, and remove your RF gem, the aura still stays on? As well as the bonus from redbeaks / jack? Then you get even more dps bonus from bellies %HP increase?

The ruby flasks work like life pots becuase it puts you at 100% fire res, so you start healing.

Also, how important are the other gems in the build such as cast on dam taken dev totem and ice nova?

I've got some really good ideas if i can take the best of this build and combine it with another OP build i have, if it works it will be even more insane.. I just need to know which of those gems are manditory besides the 3 auras, and the 5/6L RF.

Why is cyclone your gem of choice? wouldn't arc or something similar work just as good? (i suppose cyclone hits more mobbs quicker but are you using it for some manditory life on hit regen or something?)

Also is this build viable with full MF gear on? Pen blazon, goldwyrm / 2xandies / aurseize / MF+hp ammy, would you have enough HP?

Another thing, is it mappable? 73+ maps? (not counting the mods you said it cant run, but if my theory works it will be able to)


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