0.10.0b Patch Notes

edit: nvm
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Nice and fast!
Great work guys :) always fast with the fixes :)

See, I'm not always bitchy - just sometimes lmao!!
The Pope quit, a meteor fell on Russia, an
asteroid came close to the earth, there's snow
in Arizona, star wars and star trek have the
same director! Who the hell is playing jumanji?
Keep up the good work!
I want you guys to know that..

After the hole in my life that others call Diablo 3 I had givin up on all hope. Then this came along and absolutely made me believe in ARPG again. Game is amazing, devs are amazing, community is amazing..

I want to marry Path of Exile and have lot's of babies with it..

But to be completely serious, great job devs on the fast deployment of this patch, the patch before that and the general launch of the OB in general. There have been other games that didn't do that so smoothly. (*cough error 37 cough*)
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awsome awsome awsome, game is working great
"Live Long, And Prosper"
stuck on checking resources but looking forward to giving this one a try.
8MB to 10kb/s and 50% when it restarts

Anyone else with him?

Thanks from me and my friend Google translator :)
"Sorry for my bad English"

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i get 8-0kb/s for the last 20 minutes ;/ why don't you give the patches downloadable via torrent or sth?
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there is a torrent.... its on piratebay tho so im not sure its safe to post link. Do your search

im downloading thru client and im on 1.62mb/s which being my top speed

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