What's Coming in 1.0.3?

Note that these are not patch notes! They're just the list of features and content on our whiteboard and there will be many other improvements and changes. Not everything in this list will necessarily make it in.
  • New Skill: Barrage - a bow/wand skill.
  • New Uniques: There are several new Unique items, and we're hoping at least one of them will be another Map.
  • New Achievements: There are two coming in 1.0.3.
  • Vendor Recipes: We've added a few more recipes. Some of these are very appropriate for racers.
  • New microtransactions: We have three in the works. I'm hoping the Storm Call one will be ready in time :)
  • Updated combat impact sounds!
  • Passive skills to support degeneration and chaos damage skills.

We'll update with more information and screenshots of the new content as it's available! By the way, I'm sorry that the current Build of the Week is slightly delayed. It was moved to a secondary priority after the big 1.0.2/Supporter Pack push last week. I'll resume working on it shortly.

In other news, we have updated our forum policy.
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First! Ha Aux! Great news GGG! GET IT!
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Cyrenus wrote:

IGN: Aux
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Wohoo, sounds great! Especially the Viper Strike support! :)

And Chris:
Chris wrote:
New microtransactions: We have three in the works. I'm the Storm Call one will be ready in time :)

Are you sure, you didn't accidentally a word out? Or are you really the Storm Call One?
Crit happens.
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Pretty excited about the quickness of updates lately.
Any more 3D art for the uniques in the game?
Can't wait for storm call microtransaction, even tho it looks already amazing!
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wow, you guys sure are fast!

Can't wait to see the new passives, maybe iy can sprout a few new builds!
Nice! Can't wait! Will there be a fix for backpacks to show on body when Bringer of Rain is equipped? ♥
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