Jan 14: One-week HC Race

Standard rules for league events apply. Please click this link if this is your first race event.

This is the last race event of the Closed Beta. It will be the last time that Demigod's Presences can ever be won. There are no currency item prizes for this event due to the upcoming wipe on the 23rd. Demigod's Presences and microtransaction credit do survive the wipe.

The top twenty players will receive a Demigod's Presence (Unique Amulet). The top ten will receive TWO.

The top players will also receive microtransaction credit for use in our cosmetic shop.

  • #1: 500 Points (valued at $50)
  • #2: 400 Points (valued at $40)
  • #3: 300 Points (valued at $30)
  • #4-5: 200 Points (valued at $20)
  • #6-10: 100 Points (valued at $10)
  • #11-20: 50 Points (valued at $5)
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You know... I wasn't going to compete but you just HAD to didn't you Chris.
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It's gonna be SICK!

Thanks GGG, u rock
I think you should have made this 1 week hardcore solo turbo just to make this truly the epic end of the game. Personal opinion though.
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Its good as it is
Considering I died at 18 from desync with less then 24 hours to go... I'll pass, not worth spending so much time to just die from something completely out of my control.
We've had a few of these 1 Week party races now but still no Solo races.

Some of us really looking forward to a longer Solo race, (with no trading), in order to allow everyone to compete equally.
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:( I leave on Monday for a 40 day Training evolution on my ship, so sad I cannot do this....Going to miss the excitement of Open Beta also... :(
I guess congrats Kripp and all the other people that have no life :D ( just kidding).
I myself will just go at my own pace and see how far i can get.
so tempted to get 1 or 2 more demis from this..

only got 1 demi left in my legacy stash...
Some items in this post are currently unavailable.
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