Jan 14: One-week HC Race

Fireknight wrote:

As someone that came 1st/2nd the last 2 week long races, let me disassemble this idea to explain why it still would not help achieve what you hope to achieve.

Hours 0-12: Clear all high level maps as a group

Hours 12-18: Solo mid level maps to prepare for the next day of clearing high maps as a group

Hours 18-24: Sleep or farm non-map areas to get currency to prepare for the next day of high level maps.

This completely circumvents everything you were attempting to "fix" with the policy you want to see implemented. If the "fix" included a reduction of drop rates as well, invest the first 2 days of low-exp time in leveling a character on a 2nd account. Use this character to farm currency/low maps to bypass the limitations you have implemented.

There's no point in implementing an idea like yours if you don't follow through and consider how it will be abused.

I think it would be better to have some hard cap on timeplay, let me explain.
The race would be created with a percentage on it and that amout will be the possible maximum playtime in the whole race.
In a week there are 24*7=168 hours. So, for example, there could be:
- One-week 50% race => 168*0,5=84 hours
- One-week 25% race => 168*0,25=42 hours
- And of course, to please no-lifers...One-week 100% race => 168*1=168 hours
- an other option would be to have a full week race over two weeks: Two-week 50% race =>168*2*0,5=168 hours

People in the race can then play when they want but once the limit is reached, the game is over.
So nolifers can burst is 50h-no-sleep patterns, workers can no-life their weekends and normal people can play everyday.

I think something like this would get many more people involved in the races without thinking to just give up because they don't have the time to invest.

Also, to prevent people leveling an other char in the "downtime" of the main, there should be a limitation of 1 alive (and with time remaining to play) character in the race at a time.
If the same account gets more chars then it would be considered only the better of the lot.
lepre84 wrote:
Also, to prevent people leveling an other char in the "downtime" of the main, there should be a limitation of 1 alive (and with time remaining to play) character in the race at a time.
If the same account gets more chars then it would be considered only the better of the lot.

Play first 4 days, stockpile tons of currency and leveling gear.

Delete character

Play 168 hours in the remaining 10 days with the enhanced 2nd character that now has more than 1 day of advantage with the extra gear/currency.

edit: Or do this on a 2nd account if prevented from doing the above.
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I don't understand what the fuzz is all about..
The whole point of this races is to see how much time are people willing to spend playing and trying to get to top.As more and more people spend more and more time, the competition gets fierce, because people don't want to lose their lead.

If you are competing with 50 people that spend 4 hours a day , would it matter if you play 12 or 16 or 20? No, because you're still going to be first.So you won't.
Simple as that.

That's why GGG made the 1/2/3hr races, for those that cannot afford the time to play in a 1 week.
I wouldn't join a stupid 4 hour daily limit race, that's just completely ridiculous. I might not be able to pull off 16 hours a day, but I want the freedom to play as much as I want whenever I want.

Time limits and only solo race could be a good option, but as a completely different event. Week or even month races like this one should still be possible.

However, it is overwhelming that to be competitive in the next race, you should have a party of 12 people. Half of which would focus only on farming maps and currency for the other 6, and the other 6 still will have to play average of 20h/day.

I think that account sharing for races should be allowed. Obviously solo players would be at disadvantage, but it's similar to solo players being at disadvantage as compared to full organized groups now. Having a big group and sharing characters would actually allow working people to be competitive. It would be like guilds competing instead of individuals, but more people could have fun. It is going to be competition of big groups instead of just the main racers anyway sooner or later.

Spacke wrote:
I understand that we are coming closer to OB but I think that people should be worried more about the balance of builds than about how the races are done. It doesn't make sense to discuss different race modes when there are clear imbalances.
That's an odd time for post like this. A lot of builds are getting nerfed hard. Current balance of builds is actually something we should not be worried about, at least until we try things out in different stages of game in OB.
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Gratz to the winners!
Who won?
Clear Eyes! Full Hearts! Can't Lose!
Nugiyen placed 1st and the 3 other surviving members of his team filled out 2-4, the order I don't remember.

Final Part

Thanks to anyone (:P) who reads it.
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Kamro wrote:
I guess congrats Kripp and all the other people that have no life :D ( just kidding).
I myself will just go at my own pace and see how far i can get.
THIS. all the top players on the ladder are partied together the entire time...
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