0.9.13k Patch Notes

But will there still be the D3 bashing hour I have grown so fond of?
Aw gawd, what did I just click on?!?
My eyes!
And why do my ears feel so numb?
Global chat: Mechanics for A work one way, B for another, C for a third but also with A, B uses C but not A, and D uses A&B but not C

Isn't a "no" better than an ignore?
Silty wrote:
KPop? What about it? What did I miss??

GGGG babe babe, GGGG babe babe...
Unviable build tester.
Fuse mechanics:
95% Crit Build Without Charges [0.10.1c]:
Finally people will stop posting >9000 rare items that nobody wants to even look through.
"We will no longer surrender this country, or its people, to the false song of globalism. The nation-state remains the true foundation for happiness and harmony."

-Donald J. Trump

GGG banning all political discussion shortly after getting acquired by China is a weird coincidence.
Having discussion on global, log out, log back in, im now in a different global. I had little reason to leave global on before; now its not even good for casual conversation.

This is HC too, and theres absolutely no way there are more than 700 players in HC at any given time; id be very surprised if there were even 100.

Definitely not an improvement. Why do the global chats have to be all chopped up anyway?
IGN: KoTaoEternal
KoTao wrote:
Definitely not an improvement. Why do the global chats have to be all chopped up anyway?
Probably in preparation for many more players in OB.

But I agree, no one talks in HC now. We still need a single chat global chat for HC.
Will there be manual switching, like town instances?

You can press CTRL and click on the town instance and create a new town area already.
If posts do not mention penguins then the signature will. Penguins.
Can you prevent players from getting chat channels switched automatically after logging in, sometimes changing areas puts you in a different channel and cuts into your conversation.
Haha nice Kpop link Chris. You guys fans of Kpop?
LOL nice kpop, relevant to GGG

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