0.9.13k Patch Notes

They could not have linked a more perfect song. Great patch too ;)
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I was about to say that's bad idea. Good example is D3 chat, which dead like most of the time. Then I've seen another post about instanced chats being 700~ people big - good enough to keep ppl talking and enjoying my gameplay :)

Keep goin GGG - great work so far!
I understand for difficulties normal -> ruthless... But for Merciless?
By the time we get to merciless, many people want to talk about progression mechanics, theorycrafting and end-game chatter.

By the time someone gets to merciless, that individual should understand all of the core, basic, and mediocre mechanics of the game and would want to learn more end-game. Now all we're seeing are constant spams every minute of the same question. Pretty much everyone in merciless who used to chat are now either muted global, or in different chat instances, rather sad :(

I hope you eventually have a slight fix for this. Maybe an end-game chat for all chars that have reached merciless? Because Merciless is where the real game community was at.
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There needs to be manual switching. I am in one of the "new" chats and it is awful. There is almost no talking in Normal in my global chat instance. How are people supposed to find groups, without sitting at the message board b/c you know many people find groups in chat. Hard to answer questions as well when chat is segregated and there are very few questions being asked in the chat I am currently in. Also just makes the game feel very vacant at the moment.
FAQ made through many hours of enduring global chat in Normal

It's like they used d3 chat system now. It's just so bad, if you enter a chat with no one, you're basically going to play the game yourself and probably need an auction house to even sell anything
Could you possibly designate 'Global chat channels' with the possibility to move freely between them? Sometimes I'm moved from one channel to another when going into a new instance and it's confusing sometimes, especially when I'm chatting to people in Global Chat.
well it was a good try GGG but now the joke is over lol, time to make the real chat fix.

i have faith that you can make this work better and get chat back to almost where it was before
Chris wrote:
bakalakadaka wrote:
Please don't keep the difficulties mixed...I beg you...

Within 3 minutes I got:

"Are there quests in this game or just going through zones?"
"What is a Chisel?"
"Are they going to release Act3 with OB?"
"I have a 20% quality penis" - Which many people thought was HILARIOUS.

Yeah...I don't see myself unmuting it until it's fixed :P

When I was idling in chat before, all the people asking newbie questions were level 60+ people clearly trolling.

We are considering people's feedback though. Let's give it a bit more time. Trade chat will help reduce the spam.

Hahaha, I love the fact that you actually checked it. Tho first few days-weeks even month of open beta will be chaotic with newbies raging cuz can't past merv
KPop? What about it? What did I miss??

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