0.9.13k Patch Notes

Chris wrote:

Private channels will be added in the future in the form of clans.

See that bulge in my pants?! Thats not my phone... *wink*
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I am looking forward to the new chat.
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Here's Some More

Quick Updates. I approve :D
I only started really using global chat today, so far it's been fine. I don't really care how this changes chat as long as I can still trade with other players easily.

SL4Y3R wrote:
Wait a minute.

So what you're saying is I can no longer "out-run", the OB onslaught of Normal?


EDIT: Is there any way that what lvl you are can act as a variable in determining what chat you're placed in? Or at least for 50% of the players? Something?

I really don't want to be playing in Merciless, and seeing items linked that are from Normal.......

Pretty much this^ :|
How can you make sure that you're in the same general chat as your friends?
lol KPOP fap during the downtime for the patch... :-)
<3 kpop
I am fine with this change, though I would love some kind of trade chat I personally post items frequently for trade and I know to some people its annoying since the majority of them simply want to chat with others or find groups(yes i know about the public board) either way I think this is a smart move my GGG people will complain but people will easily forget this come OB
Oh and also, I did not expect the big "OPEN BETA: FINAL CHARACTER WIPE" message when I logged in. I like this :)

And while everyone faps to kpop, I'll listen to some old Nile thank you.

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