0.9.13k Patch Notes

Version 0.9.13kpop
  • Global chat is now segregated in a different way than before. While each league is still completely separate, global chat is no longer segregated by difficulty in some leagues. Now, the server will automatically allocate players to separate global chats and create new chats as more players log in. This is necessary to support the additional players that Open Beta will bring.
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I approve 2012
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Will there be manual switching, like town instances?
Heeeeeeeeey sexy global etc.

What is the size of each of these sub-globals?
if this is what i think it is. sounds very similar to d3 general chat and waht not. and it did not work... mainly because most people just play the game and not bother with chat, but now with a smaller sample it'll be more evident than before..
Will grouped players in an existing global be separated with the addition of a new one? I could imagine it being inconvenient if out of nowhere, you're transferred to another global while people are responding to you or you're responding to someone else.
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NM. For some odd reason critical information was left out of the patch note.
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lol kpop
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