Kripparrian's wand Templar?

Anyone know the Specifics on his build like passives what kind of gear and gems?
I captured the passives a few days ago, not sure what he may have changed since but looked like this:

At the time, he was running iirc

Single Target : Power Siphon + Faster Attack + Weapon Elemental
Multi : Power Siphon + Chain + Weapon Elemental

He has what looks like a Decoy Totem, Grace, Wrath and something else I don't recognize (looks like a 2 sided partial electric circle with an X in the middle.

I know he later started running dual Enduring Cry, but I don't know what he may have dropped to make room, wasn't watching that close then.
Thanks you were really helpful
Stay awhile and listen...
Nice, and the item above I didn't know was Elemental Weakness.

I am running pretty much the same build except I started as a Witch. Starting at Templar is definitely going to be easier since you can run sweep until you have enough gear to go to wand, the witch starts out much slower.

The only thing I am trying to decide about maybe changing is the dual power siphon. While it is great for mobs, you can't get any charges on boss fights, so your DPS would be lowest when it matters most. Problem is, the alternatives are Frenzy or Elemental Hit, and both require an extra DEX investment (assuming you level them).

One thing I missed was I leveled my Power Siphon too quickly and now have mana issues and have to run Clarity. I am hoping to either grow into it or I might orb it back down.
Kripp seems to get his Dex required for those skills from a Jade / Onyx amulets. Usually with additional elemental (Fire/Lightning preferably) damage.
Stay awhile and listen...
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Surely he must use resolute technique? how else can he have accuracy? just from a few Dex nodes? that will not be enough.
Don't Touch my Sweep please GGG!
He has accuracy on gear. Resolute Technique would be such a waste, because you got nice crit chance from the Power Charges from Power Siphon.
Like he said i herd him talk about not getting it for the crit otherwise the bow templar would be better imo

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