The Plan for Content Update 1.0.2

The video was realy good, keep them coming.
Are there any updates that were community driven instead of sponsored by money?

Just curious. Bunch of skills in this game are still useless or just too dangerous to use and every update consists of the following:

-More new skills to cover up the old ones we refuse to fix!
-More content designed by people who gave us money!
-More items designed by people who gave us money!
-Tons of nerfs!

Just curious when we're going to get content updates that actually matter. Maybe, you know, fixing your net-code, buffing certain skills, making it so "secondary" skills are actually usable.
When you see Searing Bond listed as a "secondary" skill the only question that comes to mind is: Why the hell would I use Searing Bond when I could just summon another totem that uses a worthwhile skill with a practical source of scaling?

This game has too many problems and GGG is just ignoring everything that should be fixed.
This game is going to suffer the same fate as D3 in time.

What a waste.


Videos are greats
I really enjoyed the video!

IGN: Vaystar
Is this dot rework going to nerf burning? :c
BRB, starting up Cast on Death PvP troll character...
Tournaments should most definitely be kept in league. A well geared HC/Nemesis char is a far cry from a well geared SC/Domination char, pretty sure we don't have to explain the economy discrepancies between these leagues.

You could possibly allow practice rounds between HC and SC leagues but no way in hell tournaments. For PvP focused people, this basically means play in softcore league or bust, there is no way around it.

Are there any updates that were community driven instead of sponsored by money?

Hello there mr troll, you seem to have missed 8 out of the 10 bullet points from the OP! Achievement [fail at trolling] complete for you!
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Completed 9 ChallengesAux wrote:
Chris wrote:
Completed 9 ChallengesAux wrote:
I can't hope enough that the PvP will be league specific.

In 1.0.2, Standard and Hardcore can fight each other. Domination and Nemesis can fight each other. The old leagues cannot fight the new leagues because that's unfair.

The advantage Domination has over Nemesis is huge, I can't see how this is fair even slightly. I just knew after waiting for legit PvP for so long that some bullshit like this would turn up where hardcore is pitted against softcore.

I don't even know what to say, words escape me right now...

Your talking about a league that has virtually no drawbacks in terms of wealth accumulation, and when you apply that wealth to gear you have a massive item differential. This game is strongly gear based and from this it is obvious that over time the domination would have more winners given the same skill. Hell the rule sets aren't even the same for both leagues. What is the purpose of merging the pvp in the first place?
I do like the video overviews on the upcoming patches! It's kinda mundane reading all these patch notes but having you go over some of the details helps :)
Hi Chris,

As an avid poe player and fan, I want to say please don't change the graphic glitch to blood rage! It looks really cool and it is part of the reason I enjoy using the skill.
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can you make the description for Cast on Damage Taken easier to understand? the one i have is level 4 and it says something like "works on skill gems up to level 47" and i dont know what means, i thought skill gems max out at level 20.
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