The Plan for Content Update 1.0.2

Are there any updates that were community driven instead of sponsored by money?

Just curious. Bunch of skills in this game are still useless or just too dangerous to use and every update consists of the following:

-More new skills to cover up the old ones we refuse to fix!
-More content designed by people who gave us money!
-More items designed by people who gave us money!
-Tons of nerfs!

Just curious when we're going to get content updates that actually matter. Maybe, you know, fixing your net-code, buffing certain skills, making it so "secondary" skills are actually usable.
When you see Searing Bond listed as a "secondary" skill the only question that comes to mind is: Why the hell would I use Searing Bond when I could just summon another totem that uses a worthwhile skill with a practical source of scaling?

This game has too many problems and GGG is just ignoring everything that should be fixed.
This game is going to suffer the same fate as D3 in time.

What a waste.

Same feeling...

+1, btw.

If I sing a song will you sing along?
Really glad to see new skill gems being introduced to the game! Opens up new builds and experimentation. I love to mess around with unpopular gems just to see how effective I can make them (arc pre-release buff as an example). Breaking the meta, ho!

Have you guys ever considered allowing supporters to create their own skill gems? You allow creation of unique items, and have allowed creation of creatures (Ruler of Wraeclast). Why not skill gems? If you are worried about balance issues this would cause, it would not be too much different from unique items. You work with the supporter to ensure that uniques are balanced already, you can do the same with skill gems (plus patch nerfs/buffs as appropriate).

It's probably a weird request, and won't be popular, but I hope you guys give it consideration.

Have you guys ever considered allowing supporters to create their own skill gems?

Skill gems is like 50% of what PoE is, allowing users to make new skill gems (100's of them) would make the game entirely new.. for the worse. imo
Bust a move!
I had already thought about that, but you make a good point. I do think it would be balanced between the amount of people willing to purchase that, though. (Items cost you a thousand dollars, creating a creature cost way more than that).

Also, remember that GGG works with supporters to create items. So it wouldn't just be people creating things willy nilly, with no thought to balance. And it would potentially increase the amount of useable "Secondary" skills.

Just a thought. From someone who thinks of new unique items/skills/build paths all the time, it's something I'd consider buying if there was a feature for it. I know there have been questions about people creating microtransactions in the past, but have never seen a comment about creating skill gems.

Thought I'd take that step.
i like the video uppdate!
Pls keep the video Update. Especially as a new player i find this a rally good initiative. And i feel that you try to be much closer to the pladers then eg blizzard manages. Ps love your game
Chris, i still feel like the rarity on maps, and with Map bosses is too low. I did Piety runs and Map runs with the same MF gear. Sure, there is some variance allowed and accounted for, but Piety would drop a unique(crap unique 9/10 of the time) about every other time i would kill her.

2-3 pack fulls of rares, 1/2 unique per run with Piety.

I did white 66's, 67's and 68's. Found squat.

Rolled the whites to blues for more quantity. Found squat.

Rolled 40 maps with alchs. Did about 30 of them(the NON ele reflect ones)

I found 1 Deaths Harp(a meh unique) and a Foxshade(i just sell these now... for real, ive found over 10).


1-2 pack fulls of rares, 1/10 of a unique per map run.

2-3 pack fulls of rares, 1/2 unique per run with Piety.

Why do anything but Piety... ever? Sure, there is a chance one of the absurdly good items could drop, sure you can play maps for just the fun and the challenge, but i thought the idea of maps was that you would get BETTER gear than you did in the campaign. I don't mind grinding, in fact, i freaking love it. But i feel like considering the cost of maps, the cost of alching maps, its barely worth the wisdom scrolls and alchs to do to when we get no uniques, then CRAP uniques at a lesser rate than free Piety runs.

I agree with this guy.
When I want to try for more maps, I do maps.
Else, I run Piety.

Please buff the Unique drops from Maps and increase the value of the items that drop in Maps.

I've run over 50 maps solo and gotten better loot out of piety runs.
It would be nice to feel rewarded running the end game content(maps).

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Schezza wrote:
where is? adding an option to see your friends logging on and off.

This! Or a larger ignore list, I would use micro points for that!
A fix to the problem that occurs when you get too many effects on the same entity. You'll know what I mean if you were ever on fire while using Blood Rage.

Thank you, that is such a small but obnoxious detail that you are resolving and I for one will be happy to see corrected. Even the little things are noticed with this game and that's part of what makes you guys rock.
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look into RoS mechanism, take what they have learn form their failure and make POE a best game pls. I am so lazy to start over again in RoS
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