Mors' Max Str, Ironwill, Freeze pulse build (updated for 1.3 tree (tentative)

is the unique mace required, can I replace with rare wand
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WTS that for you Iron Will FP
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Just jumping in to throw my opinion after playing with this.(currently at level 68 now).

xkrissi wrote:
im gonna try this build out on my marauder hes currently lvl 73, i was wondering if there are any items required for this build? like your mace, it gives alot of increased dps doesnt it? also i tried linking iron will to fp with 500str atm (i have yet to get all the gear and respec ;) but my dps didnt go any higher? i just started playing again 3 weeks ago after taking a year break so there's probably something obvious im missing :/ i'd appreciate if someone pointed it out. I tried linking it to a lvl 1 fp since i didnt have a higher one and i have yet to lvl it but surely it cant be that its lvl 1 when i have 400+ str?

No, that's about right. I'm running with about ~1000str at the moment, and my FP is 20q level 16. It absolutely destroys mobs though. It doesn't ever show as a high dps on the tooltip, you have to try it out in action to realise how much it does.
Throw frosbite/ele weakness up.(doedre's ring / windscream boots for this).
Make sure you have at least 800 Strength(36 str on every item, and the correct build should net you this much easily).(Astramentis amulet is a huge huge huge plus also).

Astramentis amulet & doedre's ring or Windscream are the only 2 items I would consider a necessity to play this build.(the earlier you can get the amulet the better, especially for levelling so you can level your gems). Other than them two, just make sure you're resistance capped at max level, with at least 36 str on every item, and as much HP as you can get.

is the unique mace required, can I replace with rare wand

No, the mace is only really a boost to your single target damage(having fire trap linked to a level 30 iron will via the item), and defense(tons of resistance on shield).
Build would work fine without though,(especially if you can find a weapon with a lot of strength). Just remember however that none of your attacks will actually utilize your weapon. You are essentially a tanky caster with this build. You will not use your weapon at all for anything other than the stats.
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Wouldn't you get a substantial DPS increase by investing three points into Static Blows and replacing Faster Casting with Added Lightning Damage?
Especially after the recent buff ALD received, it seems like a waste not to use it...
im at lvl 78 atm and i only have 965 strength ;_; what am i doing wrong? i mean... theres a 500str between me and mors. Heres my current gear

Im thinking of getting a 6l taryns shiver and using a legay kaoms which will give 3100hp. Im at 6868 health and 1482 dps (will be more^.^ currently only have FP at lvl 18 20%Q.
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i think ek is better then fp,should give more dps,8kdps if use ek,i guess
Very interesting build. Following it, with the slight variation with not taking shield and using dual Doon + taking the dualweild block cluster in duelist area. And not focusing on just one spell, why? Most projectile spells need almost the same links, plus there is always tabula rasa.

At least that was the idea untill I got this as a drop

It will obviously give more dps, but will mean losing the armor (and thus really missing the shield defenses, while with 2 doons it would have been about the same I believe) and an extra 4L for spells. Decisions, decisions...

equipment that is gathered so far, since I'm leveling with searing touch and flameblast, not really using most of it

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heres my witch version of this build (leve 84) (ya mar is still better start due to more strength.. i just wanted to play a witch)

5.6k life
913 strength
10k armor

with buff to added chaos gem i think it might be the best 6th link now... pretty much the same #-# dmg as waht the fp gem puts out in cold dmg.. gives me 1500k dps

currenlty have 4k fp dps with fp at level 18

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Completed 10 ChallengesAshmyster wrote:
Wouldn't you get a substantial DPS increase by investing three points into Static Blows and replacing Faster Casting with Added Lightning Damage?
Especially after the recent buff ALD received, it seems like a waste not to use it...

I think Added Cold is a better choice. Added Cold adds an insane amount of damage now, to the point that it almost rivals the FP gem itself (only a small exaggeration there). This build is aimed at freezing, and FP already does cold damage. You would be better off adding more cold to freeze enemies, and increase your damage even more from any cold damage increases you may have.

Im making a FP shadow, non iron will, for shits and giggles right now. I use Added cold and I'll have Cold pen on once I can equip my 6L Saintly. I may respec into CI, but life is so good right now. Once I get to the mara area I'll have a good 5k life. Im also using EB, trying to get it where I can use FP without any leech gem (other than life leech), and on mana. Not a good idea, but just for fun. I want to see if it can work.

Im also kicking around the idea of using an Aegis with my Saintly, and taking a few block nodes. But I would have to respec EB for that. In that case it would be a hybrid build, with like 4.5k life (or more) and possibly like 1500 ES or more. I already did the solo-78-maps duelist build of mine, just having fun now before it's back to HC.

I do think you could make an extremely powerful Aegis hybrid build though, if you wanted, which used EK. If I didn't just sell one of the better/best Rustics in Nemesis, I would have done it. I also didn't take the 18% from Oak, and I don't feel like rerolling or respecing. But I think that would be an awesome build.
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