Content Update 1.0.1 Video Preview

We've released a video showing some of the new content in this week's patch 1.0.1. This is the first of seven biweekly content patches between now and the first expansion in early March 2014. We're expecting to post full patch notes tomorrow. The patch will be deployed on Wednesday (NZ time).
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first!(fuckyes, first first ever!)

Cant wait for these new races!
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Good news!

Also, just received my supporters pack, and can happily say I'm impressed with the quality of all the items, most significantly the chaos orb keychain. Was expecting a chinese special, but it's rather robust & very detailed.

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Second :)
Looking forward to it, cheers
More nerfs to Purity....
Chris wrote:
This is the first of seven biweekly content patches between now and the first major content patch in early March 2014.
Fixed that for you. Don't want to look like your misusing a term for marketing reasons.
Completed 9 ChallengesVulgarny wrote:
More nerfs to Purity....

IGN - Bichlich
Please PM me to update me on trades.
Will we be able to get these uniques from Descent Champion races in HC and standard leagues after the end of the race by transferring?
first page
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