Poll about new Darkness and Wild bundles

If you didn't buy a Darkness or Wild bundle, what was your reason?

I never buy microtransactions
I did not know about the bundles
I plan to purchase later this week
The bundles were of no interest to me
They were too expensive
I already had microtransactions from the bundles
I would purchase if I had spare points but don't want to buy points for this
As an experiment, we added discounted one-week microtransaction bundles - the Darkness Pack and Wild Packs.

We have a good understanding of how many people purchased one bundle or both, but we want to better understand why people purchased neither bundle. If you didn't buy a bundle, please answer the poll to indicate why. Thanks for the feedback!
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Where is the: "Didn't feel like it" Option?

Or the: "didn't want to buy the deamon bundle because The cleave claw effect has no use to anyone because cleave was nerfed into the ground and reave is now more vaible" Option?
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Hmm , I kind of want an option that says : I never buy cosmetic microtransactions , I did however sponsor the game quite a few time with stash tab buys and a closed beta acces pack. So I couldn't vote that I'm not interested in microtransactions.

Love you guys !
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It's nice to see you here again :D
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Not a fan of getting about 50% of stuff I want and 50% I could care less about for a marginally discounted price.
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Bundle price is fine.

But if you run a sale on a bundle, you must run an equally discounted sale on all items within the bundle.

"This week! Discount on all "Darkness" themed items! Buy the entire bundle and save extra points!"
Personally, I'm really only likely to buy a bundle if I want everything it includes; a single item I'll probably never equip dramatically lowers the savings a bundle purchase would net me. I feel like Antlers and Twisted Horns are helmet effects that only mesh with the look a specific subset of the player base wants on their character, though the other things were great.

Then again, I haven't actually bought anything yet. When that black cat goes back on sale in a few months, though, I'll be on it like a bonnet.
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Just didn't have stuff I want.

When Demon King and Vamp Footprints go on sale (either in a bundle or individually), then I'll buy them.
i didnt buy the bundle because they are linked with skill animations i dont need. While most of the weapon effects and all the other effects work with everything the skill animations are just to special.

And i must say i still hate that i can use a effect only on one item at a time. it´s just to horrible to look through your chars and search for the one effect to reclaim, if you want to use it on a new Char. E.g. i know i have a spark effect somewhere but no idea exactly where and i dont really want to search for it. Let me use the effect on multiple chars at the same time or let me reclaim it from everywhere.
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im waiting for discounted wrath aura.
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