[0.10.0] HP/ES Spork Shadow Battle Mage (Twinkle twinkle deadly Sparks!) [Videos included]

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Hi all, I'm new one in PoE and I'm looking for some good lvling build. Is this build still usable in 1.0 or is necessary to do some changes to be suitable with new updates? Thanks a lot for help guys.

it's long out of date ;) try looking for a dual totem sporker in the witch section
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Do people still use builds like this for MF Culling? So long as you have the links for the gems, I figure it'd still be viable. Was interested in making a build specifically for rarefind and one of the first ideas that came to mind was spark. Naturally, the passive tree would have to be reworked, but the idea of using spark for culling is what I was most interested in.
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If you're looking for a pure culler, you'd be best off going with dual Incinerate totems. http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/680357/page/1 Pretty good reference build for you.

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