[0.10.0] HP/ES Spork Shadow Battle Mage (Twinkle twinkle deadly Sparks!) [Videos included]

Why is fork considered the end-all support for spark? Is it just the mana cost being better than something like LMP?
I think I get it but would still like clarification from a pro.

LMP just doesn't sufficiently boost the damage of spark since it already has 3 projectiles. So 3+2=5.

Fork has the potential for 3+2+2+2 = 9 assuming all the initial sparks hit. This would be likely much more efficient damage for less mana cost.

The drawback would probably be reflects where you cannot take all the damage...especially with high crit and crit multiplier. I know this is the reason that a lot of sporkers go with totems.
Could you please add what type of weapons? I also saw you used 1-hand/shield. I would appreciate if you could add that in detail! :)
So who out there is running this? I've got my sporker to 37, not bad so far. Most likely going for CI so I can rock a free blood magic gem. Runnin a skele spell totem atm and is workin well, also got some zombies to keep the crazies off me
I've got question. Should i use both Skieletons and Zombies or should i choose one? And if one, which is better to use?
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I started with the CI Dagger Build even though it's my first time playing game lol (Played Diablo 2 96 Hardcore Assassin, Diablo 3 Hardcore Paragon 100 Demon Hunter, Lvl 46 Black Widow Marvel Heroes)

I guess I will rest my CI Dagger one cause I always play Hardcore.

I hope to use this guide now.
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I've got question. Should i use both Skieletons and Zombies or should i choose one? And if one, which is better to use?

I use both.. the more the better.

I didn't do enough damage to Cruel version of Oak and my skeletons saved my life in Hardcore mode. I was with a good Bow Witch and I had very low life. I hid in a corner and spammed skellies to hold Oak down while the Witch shot arrows and killed Oak. It was awesome (and scary).
Uh... I always don't have enough MANA, what do I do?

I play in Hardcore and just downloaded Path of Exile last week so I am a newb and was creating a path for my character with the gear I find.

One problem is my mana pool is so low when I use clarity and don't have enough regen.

What do you guys use to get mana? I am always running out too fast and clarity doesn't replenish mana fast enough. I have been focusing on survivability like the guide says, but I don't do that much damage and run out of mana...

Help plz!
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Hi all, I'm new one in PoE and I'm looking for some good lvling build. Is this build still usable in 1.0 or is necessary to do some changes to be suitable with new updates? Thanks a lot for help guys.
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