1.0.0e Patch Notes

Completed 16 ChallengesLudvator wrote:

any info on this blood rage bug? I was really surprised this made it into release

not a big deal, it just looks awfull

Thats not a bug, bro.. And BR looks freakin awesome!
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Ulizeus wrote:
Logged with no problems, thx for the update (no steam)

This! Why use steam? I dont use that shit and havent had any problems since.. GG GGG!
Those devourers were INSANE in end game maps.. As soon as I saw them, I had no choice but to run as fast as I can away from them. SO OP
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Needed fixes, yay!

Nice work, GGG~
Completed 13 ChallengesRespwner wrote:
Zaorish_9 wrote:

Please don't nerf monsters just because they are hard and newbies complain! POE's unforgiving difficulty is one of the things I love most about it. Caliga and Devourers were absolutely fine if you knew how to deal with them.

Anyways, people are going to complain about the Ice Frog Monsters next - Pls don't nerf them!

I dont know about the devourers late game, but caliga at normal was ridiculous, even with 75% lightning resist, you got owned by his traps.

He could kill a melee char with 75% resist that used a fist with life on hit that had block chance applied to spells (about 20% spellblock) and about 1.2k max hp, 30hp/sec while using a 600 hp pot to regenerating your health as well. All this while spanking him in a corner as not to run over his traps :/

That is simply not balanced on NORMAL...

To put it in perspective, the same char could facetank almost the entire dominus fight (had to watch out for those red orbs stacking up for hefty DoT), and got screwed over by a caliga big time.

This nerf was well deserved.

edit: typo

Caliga is pretty brutal on Normal, yes. But noway near what he's like in the Villa map. Oh my. Melee is basically useless as he beartraps you and then constantly spam firetraps and lightning traps till you're dead.
On the Devourers, the unique one is abit badass, the normal and magic ones not so bad imo.

But nice update, had a fair few Dominus crashes, so glad to see that getting fixed!
Yes! I hope this finally fixed the Dominus fight as well as the random DC's every 30 mins.
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eumnx wrote:
This is something that started out slightly bothering me, and has been slowly growing inside me to make me hate hate hate.

Avian Retch. Did you intend for us to fight birdlike dry-heaves?

...Or did you perhaps mean wretch?

Please, the feels, I beg you.

No, I think given the fact that the avian mobs eat other corpses to fuel their retching attacks that the name is a perfect fit. Wretch could work as well, but given the fact that they pretty much do vomit up the corpses they eat as a form of attacking you...it works perfectly fine.

As for the rest of the patch notes...nice. Glad to see some damage balancing going on where it is needed and bugs that cause crashes are getting caught. :)
Great list of fixes that you guys caught really quick.
What Dominus Fix.

3 times fighting him and guess what 3 Disconnects.

Total Dominus tries today 9 total DC while fighting 9
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