Trade screen update and experience changes

I can confirm that we'll be patching in a trade screen to Beta during the 0.9.13 series of patches, most likely in one late next week. It's not the awesome website-integrated system that we'll eventually have, but will definitely let people trade securely without having to drop items on the ground.

In the past people have worried that the Open Beta will bring a giant wave of scammers, so hopefully this grants some peace of mind!

0.9.13e will probably be deployed on Monday or Tuesday (and won't contain the trade screen), but will have the experience calculation changes that we're still not talking about. The changes are primarily to prevent boosting and to slightly encourage larger parties. We're not adding a "/players X" feature at this stage.

Please don't respond to the "larger parties" comment by concluding that we hate solo players - it's still really efficient to play solo - just less punishing if you do manage to wrangle five friends to play with you.
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As long as you make the "confirm" button uncheck if they remove an item and go grey for a few seconds, the trade screen should be good, I'd imagine.

Also, the fact that you said /players isn't goign to be added at this stage gives me hope that you're thinking about adding it in the future. Really looking forward to the method to stop boosting.
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We're not adding a "/players X" feature at this stage.

Does it mean that it is being considered for a later implementation? D:
Awesome, so the trade screen will finally be implemented this month. :D
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Excellent. Keep up the good work Chris.
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Please forgive my dump question. But what will the (players x ) feature do?

We're not adding a "/players X" feature at this stage.

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