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updated, random lunaris run added
updated, build is complete as of lvl 79
First things first, *Elemental Equilibrium. xD

Hello, I have always loved summoner since the start of PoE, with the release I decided to create a fresh one.

I have a 75 witch on SC though and my build is pretty similar to yours, but on the witch side.

I use burned miscreations, and I think they are one of the most efective spectres for the sockets they actually need to be efficient, all I do is walk around and everything dies.

I've extensively researched forums for burned miscreations information, and here are some notes that may prove useful:

- Their unrighteous fire aura, does not benefit from gems that activate trough "on hit". Therefore, IIR and Fire Pen won't work.

- If zombies have a default maximum resistance of 75%, then with a lvl 20 Raise Zombie gem coupled with Buffed up Purity, zombies reach the cap without the use of the support gem and necromatic aegis.

Dropping Aegis, lets you get stats from shield and use a Doedre's Damning for temporal chains for control, warlord's mark for bosses, or elemental weakness for group play and more damage!

And if you are really crazy, you could drop Bones of Ullr and only run 2 burned, even though they don't stack (convinience only), and pick up a windscream for 1 more curse (overkill).

I was 70 and I couldn't solo Piety, but as soon as I gave a minion res gem to zombies, none of them died from piety and she goes down pretty fast.

The advantage of going burned miscreation, is that they only require a 4l, leaving a 5l or possible 6l to zombies.

I 4l Burned Miscreation with - Burn Dmg, Minion Helth and Minion Res. This setup, however, has a small AOE on Unrighteous Fire, so you could sub out minion Res or put them in a 5l.´

My passive Witch Tree:
I'll drop one of the 30 str nodes, and head on to the marauder start for more HP/ES.
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I've been interested in a Summoner build for awhile, and now that there's a new class and also the fact that I have a 40-something Witch sitting on a full respec, I think now is the time for me to finally give it a go. I'm not yet sure which character I will do this with.

Anyway, the only thing I'm not getting is the usage of Elemental Equilibrium. Minion Instability is fire damage, the BMs would be fire damage as well, and the talk of using Added Fire on the Zombies. The only thing I see that isn't Fire is the Arc being used on the sword. Maybe I'm missing something, I don't know. Is it just a matter of casting Arc to debuff their fire resistance?
Pretty much, Elemental Equilibrium isn't activated by minion hits, so the arc will smash just about any enemie's fire resistance while leaving them ready to be mauled even more by all the minions' extra fire damage.
Arc = +25% Lightning resist, -50% Fire resist every hit
Added Cold Damage = +25% Lightning resist, -50% Fire resist every hit
Flammability = -45% Fire resistance
Fire Penetration(*unconfirmed*) = -32% Fire resistance

Vulnerability = +33% degeneration and physical damage bonus
Increased Burning = +56% burning damage (degeneration from miscreations)
(Elemental Weakness = -46% Resistance)

in total, once your gems are around lvl 18, assuming you double curse and use elemental equilibrium, 50+50+45+32 -177% fire resist and on top of this 89% extra degen aura damage can be achieved
highest dps spectre no doubt
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Ah, I didn't account for the Added Cold Damage too. That's awesome.
I'm pretty sure that no more than 1 instance of Elemental Equilibrium is set on an enemy.

Using Arc with cold damage is just giving the mobs +25% to cold and lightning and -50% to fire. Hitting again just resets the timer, and re-checks the elements that were used.
you can EE from different sources of spell damage, i'm 100% sure, hitting with two, results in double vulnerability / resist bonuses
tested on a mob (it's mods change as it gets hit)

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