0.9.13 Patch Notes

Because of the best-of-nine effect, every two draws will reduce the number of wins a team needs by one.

And of course 1 draw and 4 wins each will happen :P

In 3v3 matches, the time limit is 120 seconds, but draws are only awarded if the teams have equal numbers of players alive

Will this be considered valid tactics ?
1. Kill 1 guy of the other team
2. Run like headless chickens for the remaining time

All dungeon areas now have a chance of spawning a special chest.

Why only dungeons ? I mean it could be an incentive to do all maps (instead of ignoring places like Fetid pool etc...)

Concerning the minions explosion, it looks like it will scale nicely.
If X is the current life of our minion, can anyone confirm that the new damages would be be :
X * 0.9 * 0.33 * 2.35 * 1.72 = 1.2 * X
...with all minions damages nodes (2.35) and a level 15 minion damage gem (1.72)
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New sweep new start for my duelist.
I have so much work to do but i cannot let go of PoE...
Nice patch.
But I agree with previous posters that I'd be nice to have the passive tree on the website updated preemptively.
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Isn't a "no" better than an ignore?
Wow, some major polish for PoE. Loving it.
Dum wrote:
Am I the only one underwhelmed by the Acrobatics buff?

24% to 30% doesn't sound that good, especially if it only applies to normal attacks and not spells and normal attacks.

Well TBH if you go for full evasion there is no reason not to take acrobatics and it is now at least somewhat better to go for Phase Acrobatics as well...

Also acrobatics got another really important buff for PvP ;) That it can avoid resolute technique - and if it would have been to much buffed it might get broken for the PvP fights...

Overall i am thinking about doing a pure eva close character with acro and phase acro :)
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And even prouder 4th Templar in the Nov 10 Four-hour Party Hardcore Race :P
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top 20 Ranger in 105 Minute Turbo Solo (S4E9)
great news,time to make my duelist much much stronger and do some maps without dying every minute...
so happy
I really want to know reasoning behind giving chance to chest spawn only to underground dungeons when for example most boring areas in game are act2 jungle open areas...

Maybe you ahve planned something different for normal areas but if you're not i vote for chance to chest spawn in each area.
I will propose something to aid on Evasion build:


Come on, why only +10000 armor?
Chris wrote:

Resolute Technique's "Always Hit" now only works for accuracy/evasion rolls. The Acrobatics keystone can avoid it.

How does this work? I don't understand.

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