Release was a Success! Open Beta Supporter Packs End Soon


slept 4 houts,back to leveling now :)
Congratulation !! i begin to play to path of exil at the close beta and i love always this game, for me its the number one of hack and slach game.
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Congratulations on a smooth release! Well done GGG.
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You rock dudes!! Good times! :-)
Congratulations Chris and the rest of the staff.
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Chris, give us some stash tab discounts to celebrate!
good job !!
really great game. i have been playing PoE since august 2012 and stil it is a lot of fun :)
keep up great job GGG !
but if you want this game to be alive for another 10 years focus more on PvP and start promoting this mode (leagues, tournaments etc)
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good job,,, the best arpg...
thanks to
Congratulations to all of GGG
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It was a great work!
And you rly deserve this succes!
GGG, now you should to rest a bit :)
Thx for your hard work, I realy like your attitude to PoE and it's audience.

Ignarsoll, can i use this banner on my future web about PoE? :)
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