Release was a Success! Open Beta Supporter Packs End Soon

More friends than I even dared hope have picked this up on Steam and now play obsessionally!

Great work GGG!
AgnusDei wrote:
Success?! The game is still unavailable in Russia and Asian countries. And you call it "success"? Okay... If you wanted to make a game "for white people only" from the start then you're right, it was a success :P

I can't speak for all Western nations, but at least for the 'States we are comprised of far more than 'white people'. Too bad about Russia and Asia though, that sucks.
Damn, I missed the deadline for the supporter packs.
I'm proud of you GGG, and not only for the great game. In fact I think your way to work is the future of videogames industry. No more worldwide distributors that promote "commercial" games which are developed only to generate money and nothing more...
You showed us all that a lot of passion and hard work are the right ingredients for success. A passion like yours and the "kickstarter" financial model based on community support will open the doors for a new era of beautiful, challenging videogames *made for people*
Oh yeah, the chamber... of siiiiins!
i only wished i could support you guys more then i was able too! really wanted to do diamond or eternal.
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yaaa you made it finally ....ty for the small supp pack ;)

now i have to enjoy the game ....bye bye
I might have missed this somewhere, but for the t-shirt and keychain, should I already put my address somewhere, or will we get a mail at some point?

Thanks a lot!
Chris wrote:
Today was the proudest day of my life.

Above your wedding? What does your wife think? lol
Lifetime Goals for PoE - Find a Mirror of Kalandra.

3.0 is a massive disappointment. Ascension tied to Lab is the worst thing GGG has done...apart from GGG's philosophy on Trading.Oh and Gambling Loot boxes.

I used to love GGG, now I just wish I could get my money back. -_-
So Proud of GGG Team and Testers, great release
4 years =)
add me on steam -

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