Release was a Success! Open Beta Supporter Packs End Soon

Congratulations and thank you for the wonderful game.
Congrats on the launch and the great game. Loving the Scion so far! Now I just got to pay off this Eternal Pack..... ^_^
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now it's time to relax. or start work on the next patch :p
Congratulations, awesome game.
Well done, and hope it continues for a long time for you and your team
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Great job!
Congrats on release GGG! Unfortunately I've been getting quite alot of desync today, I'm hoping that clears up, but overall I'm happy with the overall changes, and dig the new Scion class. Well done guys.
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Good work! Now you should get some sleep in your own beds.
Contrary to popular opinion, the job of the Fun Police is to ensure that the most fun is being had by the most people.
Thank you Chris for a great game - played it last night - new stuff = excellent! keep up the good work!

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