Release was a Success! Open Beta Supporter Packs End Soon

I still can't get through the patch I get an error everytime :( good to see everyone else is having a good time though, this game rocks...when it works.
IGNs: Preye

You guys are jumping right in alongside big titles like Diablo and Torchlight (And I prefer PoE to either IP). You guys made a truly great game, and I wish you the best! I'm in college right now, but I still was happy to pay the $110 to support you guys!
Very well done guys.
Congratulations, it's been a long time in the making. Game has honestly come on leaps and bounds imo, everyone deserves a massive pat on the back!

I think it's more pleasing to see developers actually listen to the fans and players of the game!!!! Rather than simply blowing smoke up their arse's and tell them what they want to hear yet do nothing.

Been on since closed beta, and the few ££'s I have spent have been the best ££'s I have spent since the days of my Atari days :D

Cheers GGG
Thanks @ POE team for such a wonderful game.
Congratulations to the PoE Team! It's how you guys/gals connect with the community and make common sense decisions that really rallies the player base around this title. Well done.
Chris why can we still not level outside of maps?
Job well done!
Success?! The game is still unavailable in Russia and Asian countries. And you call it "success"? Okay... If you wanted to make a game "for white people only" from the start then you're right, it was a success :P
Thanks GGG!
Chilean Player.

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