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Release was a Success! Open Beta Supporter Packs End Soon

Path of Exile has now been officially released! Today went far more smoothly than the first day of Open Beta! Other than some server load issues in the first couple of hours and a bug that affected a few hundred Steam users (fixed soon after the the 1.0.0c patch), everything went fine. We have been receiving crazy amounts of traffic and beat our Open Beta day one player concurrency record. We're very interested to see what happens over the weekend. Please invite your friends, make a guild and enjoy Path of Exile together! Sales of our Open Beta Supporter Packs (See Video) end less than one hour from this post. We're getting masses of last minute requests and many users are concerned that they'll miss out. Please contact if you aren't able to get one in time and they may be able to help you out. They can arrange payment plans and process late payments. Thanks so much for your ongoing support. This launch event was a success entirely because of you guys.


Today was the proudest day of my life.
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Congratulations for the successful release, lots of love <3
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Congratulations on release!
WELL DONE! CONGRATS! :D Pls get some sleep!
wish you guys all the best
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8/8 Challenges Domination/Nemesis
8/8 Challenges Ambush/Invasion

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Awesome Game! Keep going!

thank you & the rest of the developers so much for the game
[quote="Ludvator"]yes GGG fix lightspeed or i quit[/quote]
Great work guys. Seriously enjoying spectral throw. Got 4-5 friends playing so far on steam.
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