1.0.0 Release Patch Notes

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If you don't drink Chris, now maybe a time for 1, going to get your ears chewed off before anyone even seen the passive tree.

Keep up the good work!
You now can't use an Orb of Fusing on a fully linked item or a Jeweller's Orb on a fully socketed item.

This should have been made possible with a modifier key.

For example, with the last aura changes, I purposely went over 3 4 linked items and changed them to 3 link + 1.

I think you also forgot to mention the fixes to Kole/Brutus/Carnage.
Please tell me you fixed these absolutely broken mobs, they will be the laughingstock of your launch if not.
Casually casual.

Determination aura is unchanged? It's not listed.
Well it will be interesting to see how I will run auras now

Can't wait to run scion in the new leagues
Chris wrote:
There are so many comments of people complaining about Blood Magic. There's a specific notable and many other passives that reduce the mana reservation costs.

Also, there are a lot of new trap passives that increase their damage as well (more than compensating for trap adjustments).

Edit: it's just really amusing to see people say we nerfed what is now an even more powerful build.

Lesson learn: - Never release a major patch without releasing the skill tree :p

Seriously, can we access the skill tree first or something, maybe at a temporary link? Could give us the chance to craft our build before the patch goes live

Patch notes are up.All we can wait is for tommorow
Bye bye desync!
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