0.11.6c Patch Notes

Completed 24 ChallengesBobo337 wrote:
I really like you trying to make changes to Reave to make it work, but in no regen maps I have to find another place on my bar for BASIC ATTACK because flicker, reave, and whirling blades all don't default to basic if you don't have enough mana.

I really really wish you would just let Basic Attack not disturb Reave stacks, it's not like being able to reave AND basic attack will break the game or anything close it's just another nuisence with reave, pushing people towards double strike melee splash or other melee gems instead of playing with reave because it's tedious/unfun

I've not tried Reave on mana..always BM..at the speeds of the attacks I don't see how to sustain. I'm still giving it a go at lvl 66 but about to scrap it. I'll see how it is when I use BoR and Scorned with the build I have mapped out.

When I got my Scorned I knew I wanted to try it with Reave. Dbl curses and things melt..but there are little things that are deterring me from it...just like the one you have mentioned.
Nice, can't wait for official release :)
*Fixed a problem where the Witch gave Endurance Charge on Melee Stun instead of Multiple Traps from the Mercy Mission quest on Cruel difficulty.

Took you a while!
dying for release! <3 you GGG
Don't forget to drink your milk 👌

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